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  1. Mike G

    Ultra Sport 555

    I've been asked to track and balance an Ultra Sport 555 helicopter and the owner has no manuals. An interesting challenge. Does anybody have any manuals or documentation on this helicopter that might help? Any information at all would be interesting. Mike G
  2. Mike G

    Vibration short seminar, rotor diagnostics and track and balance Lens France

    My colleague Jérôme and I were asked to visit Lens airfield (northern France) to give a short (1 hour) simple presentation for pilots (not engineers) on gyro vibration, causes and solutions. 7 guys attended and we followed up carrying out the vibration analysis of 3 their gyros (the 4th was...
  3. Mike G

    Flapping warning device

    Deleted due to lack of interest in the subject Mike G
  4. Mike G

    Rotor Track and Balance training in South Africa

    I shall be visiting SA in November so I posted the following on the two SA forums I know of (AVCOM & Microlighters SA) with little or no response except one guy interested who rang me up and said that few people use those forums. So in the hope that some South Africans still use this forum is...
  5. Mike G

    Rotor Track & Balance (RTB) training

    Gyrocopter Rotor Dynamic Track and Balance training. After spending a lot of time developing and test flying the track and balance procedures for the Smart Avionics PB3 and PB4 dynamic balancer as a hobby, a few years ago a colleague and I set up a small company in France, Vayavolo, to teach...
  6. Mike G

    Buying a beer for Chuck Beaty

    Chuck I shall be at Bensen Days this year and would like to buy you the beer I promised some time ago. The email address I had for you doesn't seem to work, could you please try to contact me via PM here or if you still have my email send me your email or phone number so we can meet up. Mike
  7. Mike G

    Rotor Dynamic Balancing Training and Bensen Days

    I’ve moved this subject from “Silverlight Aviation” to “Rotor Blades” because it seems more appropriate to me. As explained by Abid in his thread, he and I are discussing my visit to Florida this year and the possibility of me doing some training at Zephyrhills before, during and/or after...
  8. Mike G

    RAF Rotor Blades

    Talking to a RAF owner about balancing and he mentioned that his RAF blades had a twist with a different pitch at the root and tip. Can someone confirm this, I always understood that their blades were constant pitch? Mike G
  9. Mike G

    Pasting text into a PM

    It seems that you cannot paste text into a PM. Is that so or is it me screwing up as usual??? Mike G
  10. Mike G

    Dynamic Balancing Training Poland

    I recently came come back from giving a balancing training session in Poland. The training was at the local Brako importer’s base at Korne .They had just purchased a Smart Avionics PB4 and wanted to make sure they could get the maximum value out of it by getting some training. I must thank...
  11. Mike G

    Wunderlich dimensions

    I'm desperate to know the distance between the centre of the Wunderlich pre rotator bendix and the centre of the rotor bearing. I also want to know the diameter of the shaft that the bendix top geat runs on. Surely somebody who has installed a Wunderlich pre rotator has this information. Tom...
  12. Mike G

    Bendix dimensions

    Does anybody have the design dimension (with tolerance if possible) between the centre of the main rotor bearing and the centre of the Bendix shaft for a Wunderlich set up. I was in contact with Tom Milton but he seems to have dropped off the grid, not replying to emails or phone calls. I'd...
  13. Mike G

    Stick Shake and control friction

    I have recently tracked and balanced three gyro rotors and all of the owners expressed disappointment in the lack of impact of tracking and balancing on “stick shake”. Added to that, TexasAutogyro’s recent post implies that you can cure stick shake by using a dynamic balancer. Experience makes...
  14. Mike G

    Biggleswade Old Warden

    Are any of the Brits on the forum going to the Gyro flyin at Biggleswade on Friday??? I'm thinking of going over from France but only if there are people to meet up with. Mike G
  15. Mike G

    Balancing a "rogue" rotor

    I recovered a rotor for next to nothing because it was a rogue that was considered impossible to balance. I took it as a challenge to see if I was as good as some people think I am and to see if I could get this rogue flying. I decided not to static balance as a challenge to myself to see if a...
  16. Mike G

    Question for Brian Cobb

    Bryan Where does this: "3.0 IPS vibration (unairworthy by FAA standards) and a 0.5 IPS vibration (well within acceptable standards of airworthiness)." come from? If it's an FAA document I'd like to understand the context. Mike G
  17. Mike G

    Lessons learned by a "superior" rotor balancer

    My experience is only with Euro type gyros so this may not be applicable to single place and Bensen type gyros. After writing about tightening or « pinching »the roll and pitch pivots and having received a few private requests for help/advice I decided to try to write down what I’ve learned...
  18. Mike G

    Giorgos thread about vibration

    Giorgos proposed a thread about vibration, so here goes. I took the following videos that off youtube just to start the thread, they show various stick shake scenarios. What each of us considers as “normal” or “acceptable” is a personal opinion. I wonder how much modern Go Pro type video...
  19. Mike G

    Rotor Balance "Qualifications"

    In another thread I bought up the question of who is “qualified” to balance an autogyro rotor. I was reading the Aviomania manual that states that : “The complete rotor system may be balanced further to reduce stick shake. This task must be performed by a qualified person." I unwittingly put...
  20. Mike G

    Rotor balance question for Aviomania or Ernie Boyettte

    Nicholas I have been asked to balance one of your rotors in spring and because I’ve never had the chance to balance a Dragon Wing rotor before I asked to see the manual. In chapter 5 I saw: "5. Bushings in rotor head must have .002 to .010 side play in them when tightening up. If they do not...