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    Take a deep breath

    Your thoughts and prayers for the Goldsberry family. Gary Goldsberry was in a fatal helicopter accident on Friday afternoon. He was one of a kind and very generous man. He trained many of us in gyros and helicopters and will be missed.
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    PRA 2020 convention

    A question to the gyro pilots; The PRA 2020 convention is July 29th through August 2nd, Would it be a good idea to have a soft start on the weekend before? Those that could travel to Mentone Indiana on July 25 could start flying and prepping the airport for the convention. If some CFIs arrive...
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    Need LED position light

    I would like to buy a new LED position light to mount on the bottom of my gyro. I am looking for someone that is using a red, green, and white strobe. I see many advertised but I want real life experience. I am replacing a Whelen strobe. Any suggestions are welcome Kevin
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    PRA convention pictures

    I am looking for pictures of the trophy winners from the 2019 convention. If you have the pilot / machine and dual place modern trophy winners please post them. K. O
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    Genesis Sport enclosed gyro for sale

    Available at Bensen Days with trailer Genesis G1sE enclosed single place Rotax 582 engine, only used 100LL RFD 24 ft Built in 2017 with 62 total hours enclosure is removable in 15 minutes with summer wind screen included Helmet, radio and headset included Low profile trailer A complete (3")...
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    Gyroplane training in Indiana

    If you are in the midwest and are looking for gyroplane training call our Chapter 34 hot line for information. We have two CFI pilots in our club. We train in either a TwinStar open cockpit or a Xenon side by side. Weather permitting Call (765) 630-2001 K. O
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    Canopy sunshade

    I am looking for a retractable sunshade for a single place canopy. It would be above the pilot's head, and when not flying in direct sun, to be drawn back. Also, I don't want to drill holes in the canopy. I thought I saw a picture of one recently but can't find it. I don't want to use a shaded...
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    Marion Springer Inspiration Award

    The PRA is needing submissions for the Marion Springer Inspiration Award for the convention this month. Please send your nomination via RWF. The board will select the winner and the presentation will be made at the PRA convention. We are looking for a person that has been involved with the PRA...
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    GoPRo Black 7

    I just bought a GoPro Black 7 video camera. I will be wearing it on a chesty mount and using a Ram mount on the mast. Can anyone suggest a setup for video and editing software?
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    Garmin 496 GPS for sale

    I am selling my Garmin 496 GPS to PRA members first. If it doesn't sell, I will list it on EBAY It has a RAM mount bracket, lots of adapters and a GPS antenna PRA Member price $450.00 EBAY $500.00
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    George's GyroBee for sale

    I am posting this for PRA member George V. George is selling his GyroBee It includes the trailer, helmet, and radio Located at the Putnam County Airport (KGPC) in the PRA Chapter 34 hanger. The Putnam County airport is near Greencastle Indiana Asking $7500 For more information please reply to...
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    PRA Chapter 34 Christmas lunch

    We are meeting at the Putnam Inn in Greencastle Indiana for the annual Christmas Lunch on Saturday December 2nd 2017. Great food and great company, please join us. K. O
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    Labor Day weekend

    We will be flying on labor day weekend, most likely on Sunday and Monday We might be able to hear the roar of engines from the US Nationals at Lucas Raceway park. K. O
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    Looking for a helmet

    I am looking for this type of helmet. It fits with my headset. The Fulmer model # is AF-255. I have looked on many web site but not found this shape. Let me know if you have one or know of one for sale. K. O
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    2017 PRA chapter 34 Putnam County Airport

    We have our annual open house on May 27th & 28th at the Putnam County Airport (KGPC) near Greencastle Indiana. This could be a destination if you are going to the Indy 500. Come join us for the weekend. Let me know if you need camping arrangements All types of gyros. K. O
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    Chapter 34 open house and fly in May 27th and 28th

    Chapter 34 will host another open house and fly in on May 27th and 28th. Dry camping is available. The airport identifier just changed to KGPC. Chapter 34 is located 50 miles west of Indianapolis at the Putnam County Airport near Greencastle Indiana. This weekend is a traditional Indy 500 race...
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    Off topic Airport identifier

    I just saw a You Tube video from the president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Because of the Red Bull air races this weekend at the speedway, the FAA has designated the speedway as an airport. Would the speedway receive an airport identifier?
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    Ultrawhite Dominator for sale

    Built in 2011 with a Rotax 582 blue head with oil injection Only 45 hours of total time on the frame and engine Used last year to test the new McCutchen rotor blades, 23' McCutchen blades, 60" warp drive prop, AFCO coil over shocks, also EIS and fuel gauge. I'm moving up to a two place. asking...
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    Video software for IPAD and IPhone

    With new apps for IPAD and IPhone, what is a good app to download for splicing and adding text for gyro flights? K. O
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    Conclusion of ground school

    I want to thank Tim O'Connor for being an excellent teacher for Gyro ground school.. We spent 8 weeks going over a large pool of question that could be on the FAA knowledge test. All aspects of gaining a sport pilot certificate are covered. Last night we covered flight planning and Ron Menzies...