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    Anyone help this guy?????

    Shout out to gyronuts & CFI's ...Alabama / Florida west..... :help: :welcome: My name is Patrick and I live in a small town by the name of Silverhill Alabama between Pensacola Florida and Mobile Alabama. Is there a way to find locals to me with gyrocopter experience – perhaps with a two...
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    Sizing PSRU????

    300 hp 76' prop 3000-6000 engine rpm ... who's got a formula for sizing the PSRU correctly????? How many prop blades????
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    contact info for Jim/Nick Logan ?!

    can anybody PM me with contact info for Jim/Nick Logan ? fj :help: (blue RAF @ Mentone)
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    Xcom VHF Transceiver.

    New with original box, harness ( and an extra harness) DVD. New price with harness $1670 - per website! Asking $1250 (OBO) Installed in Tiggy-B a year ago..... won't work with our engine.... removed!
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    I'd rather be flying!!!

    Is this another divine nudge/wink that it is time to do something other than farming????? Harvesting our own soybeans came to a toasty end today! The "terrace master' is DEAD! The neighbors fancy machine will have to do it all!:Cry::censored:
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    engine wanted

    can anybody recommend where to look for a reasonably priced 2.5 turbo soob, era 2005 ?? fj
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    Eagle Owl.

    Beautiful bird.....Wow......Full flaps, gear down & locked!! Click on link below. Eagle Owl coming in for the kill -- right at the camera. Interesting to watch the corrections in the flight path as the bird comes in. FULL SCREEN IS BEST
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    what sort of machine would my wife & I want to learn to fly around our farm ? the two of us tip the scales @ 500#, is it possible/feasible ? farmer jim :confused: