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    Been away for a while.

    Just wondering whats happening since I havn't been around for a while.
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    B8M Parting out or take it all

    I am selling my B8M for parts or take it all. I have a complete frame, Rotor Head, rudders (2), Mac72, Prop, Prop Hub, Pre Rotator (New), Seat Tank (New), this machine has toe Brakes on the mains. Disassembled for polishing. I would say the motor would need going through before using. I would...
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    Wife says its goyya go.

    Sold, Gone.
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    EAA and PRA

    Just wondering where we are on the EAA/PRA thing at this time. Is anything or anyone handling things for next years EAA convention? Not trying to create heartburn on then issue, just trying to saty informed and abreast of the situation. Jim
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    How do I remove Albums from the Forum?:help:
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    The Prater Machine

    As some of you know by now, I purchased the Prater Machine last year from Dave so he could travel around the country and enjoy his retirement. After getting her home, she spent the first winter in my finished basement so I could look at it in a heated environment any time I wanted to. Got it...
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    Mediators not doing their job.

    I am wondering why the mediators are allowing remarks to be made in threads that do not require responses to the thread that are not realated to the subject matter. Please stop the bashing of people on this forum. These forum members are acting like little kids and its not impressive to others...
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    Dave Praters Machine For Sale

    Well I had a deal going to trade it for a 2 place MX2S but that turned out to be bull so I have it for sale to anyone wanting this Super 90 Mac powered Ken Brock2. It has Dragon Wings, Altimeter, EGT, Dual fuel pumps, Rotor RPM Tach, Engine Tach, Fuel Pressure, Compass, 7Gal seat tank, Short...
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    How many members are there in the PRA at this time?
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    Lighter gear for the Bensen

    Is there a gear setup that replaces the 2" square gear on the Bensen that would allow for a lighter gear? Or would that make for a change to the CG or some other aerodynamic effect which would not make it worth the effort. Or worse yet make it unstable.
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    Found on Yahoo.

    1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools. 2. All ballots will be in this nation's language. 3.. All government business will be conducted in our language. 4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here. 5. Non-citizens will NEVER be...
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    N number

    Does anyone know if an N number can be transfered from one aircraft to another? I had an N number issued to my trike which I sold and I am sure the N number was not used on that plane after I sold it. I still have the faa paperwork since I never used it on that plane. After checking the n...
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    Butterfly Gear

    I wonder if that butterfly type gear could be adapted to a bensen type airframe? Sure would make softer landings, even if you flared a little high. To me all gyros should have that gear on them to make landings a little safer in case of a too high flair.
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    I wonder if I could get block time at Mentone. I will be there all 4 days for convention.
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    All the Bensen Stuff

    Does anyone know where all of the machinery that Bensen used to manufacture his gyros is located? Who owns it, and if it can be bought from them? I think if someone was to buy this equipment and make frames of the drop keel design and sell just the kits less engine it may just be possible to...
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    Serious thought.

    After opening mouth and inserting foot once again, and feeling pretty bad about what everyone responding to what I said, putting me in not so good a mood, I sat back and thought a while, kooling off, and I have decided that I must stay the course with regard to my commitment to the PRA and the...
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    Slow Gyro

    Can anyone tell me what gyro would be really docile, forgiving, and able to carry my weight around? I am around 235 give or take. I dont care to get in to anything that needs certification on either my part or the aircrafts part to be legal. I do not care to go fast at all, and I dont care to...
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    When I was taking my Private Pilot training I used the Cessna Training Manuals offered by the Cessna Flight Schools. Are there training manuals like those for the Gyro Pilots to study? I mean a commonly/standardized manual used by all CFI's that is recognized by the FAA?
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    KB2 Mac Super90 for trade

    Bought Dave Praters machine from him at Mentone last year and I really think it is much more machine than I need. Im not out to break any speed records and the Rotor Blades need a bigger hub bar for my weight. What I would be interested in trading for would be an ultralight FW or a much more...
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    Changing my login?

    I want to replace my login nick name with my real name. How can I go about doing this? The reason for this is I want people to know up front who is posting and they dont have to guess who Lspav8r is.