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    Airworthiness - options

    Are there options for having the FAA VS A DAR do an Airworthiness Cert?
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    Air Worthiness Certificate

    Can anyone explain the process to obtain an AWC on a single place gyro and getting a license to fly it? I'm training in a 2 place machine but can't solo the CFI gyro, in order to fly the machine I've been told the machine has to have 40 hrs on it but that I can't solo in the machine or fly off...
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    Member Discounts

    I went to PRA.ORG today looking for member discounts but section does not work. Does anyone know if MGL instruments are available at discount? Bobby
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    Instrument question

    I'm looking at 2 pieces of gear and wonder if anyone on the Forum has any experiences with either? MGL ALT6 or 7 combined altimeter and VSI Garmin Area 660 GPS/Plotter
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    Bensen Training Manual

    I was told that there is a Bensen training manual that is worth looking into. Does anyone have it or know where a copy or download can be found? Bobby
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    Air to Air comms

    Wondering what most folks use for a comm frequency while traveling. Seems to be that some use 123.45 which is not auth. Wondering what others do?
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    NR prop failure

    I've have 8 NR Prop blades that all have cracking and chipping in the same area near the hub attachment. Will post a short write-up later but after destructive test on one blade to determine if these were structural or cosmetic decided they are cosmetic. Final layer of glass fabric were resin...
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    Tim O'Connor gyro class

    Don't know why not listed here but Tim is offering a special on his PRA Gyro training during the current Pandemic. Saw the posting on Gyrotrader. No current info on this on [email protected] for more info. Bobby
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    I had my first formal lesson yesterday at the Beeville, TX airport. Lesson was in a Tango Gyro, windy at 18 gusting to high 20s. Was a bit apprehensive with the winds but once Ben had us flying was great. Was able to get almost a full hour flying. If you are looking for a great instructor...
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    I did my first flight lesson today and want to ask a general question. Hope this forum is ok. I am looking for a headset which had local volume control. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Need to be able to increase the volume and also reduce it depending on machine I'm in. Thanks...
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    Gyropedia and FAA Sport Pilot exam

    I am about to start down the road toward a Sport Pilot license and wondering if beginning with Gyropedia is a good start? Any comments/suggestions at this point appreciated. The instructor that I've spoken with recommends Gyropedia and I plan to go that route but I want to get the FAA exam...
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    Social Media?

    I've never been a fan of social media but I bit the bullet and joined Facebook so I could look at Pra62. I was seriously disappointed... So much good information could be posted to a real Website. Instead I was treated to a sequential blog like view of photos with absolutely no info of any...
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    Is alive?

    I know there is no connection between PRA and RWF but does anyone know what the status of the Popular RotorCraft Association is? Info seems dated, joined and cannot get a response from anyone to activate my account. Thanks in advance, Bobby Ward
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    Aviomania builders in the US

    I am seriously considering building a Genesis and looking for anyone in the US that has built/flown one. Thanks, Bobby