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    Traveling to Mentone

    For those that are traveling to Mentone, LOTS of construction is going on right now. You can expect delays or detours. I know US 30 and US 31 both are constructing new routes. Drive Safe! Jane
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    Projector for convention forums

    If anyone has a projector that we could use for our forums, that would be great! This is one major detail that was almost overlooked. Thanks, Jane
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    PRA Mentone Airport Needs Your Help!

    Your PRA Board of Directors is wanting to generate more funds from PRA’s own airport. In order to generate these funds, the airport needs some upgrades. Several camping groups have expressed an interest in using the airport camping facilities but the issue is there isn’t enough amp service to...
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    Gearbox needed

    Rex Gardiner, from Australia, is looking for a EJ25 SOHC gearbox. If you have one or now where one is available, email or call the PRA office and I'll give you his contact information. Thanks, Jane
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    PRA Convention-Bed and Breakfast

    I just heard from Noreen Norris and she has plenty of room available if you would like to stay close to the airport. Her house is the one off the north end of the runway. Her phone number is 574-353-7280. Jane
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    Seeking Bensen gyro

    Randy Snead, from close to Mentone's airport, is seeking a 60's Bensen style gyro. Notre Dame Univ. did an experiment in the early 60's with a Bensen and powered parachute. He would like to purchase the frame which doesn't need an engine or rotors and can be in poor shape to try to accomplish...
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    House on airport for sale

    During the convention, several individuals asked about the house on the airport. As of yesterday, Friday, the house is officially for sale. The website for the realtor is Jane
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    Car rentals for convention

    I'm getting several phone calls about car rentals for the convention. Here is what I've found. Enterprise (will offer a discount, contact person is Andrew Ley) 574-267-6159 Avis 574-269-3357 Budget 574-267-2132 Jane
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    Repairman's Course at Mentone--Cancelled

    Robert Stark emailed today and said that due to a lack of participants, he has to cancel the Repairman's Course at Mentone this year. Jane Feldman PRA Office Mananger
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    PRA Office

    The PRA Office telephone lines are currently down due to several storms hitting in the past few days. The telephone company stated that it will be Tuesday evening, at the earliest, before it is fixed. If you have questions or need to renew your membership, please email me your contact...
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    Gift from PRA family and friends

    I recently received a check via the PRA treasurer for a generous amount given to me from my dear PRA family and friends upon my "retirement" from the PRA HQ. THANK YOU to all who contributed! I haven't decided exactly what to put it toward but it will definitely be something that will remind...
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    PRA E-mail

    Please be advised that the PRA HQ is having ISP problems.:Cry: If you need to reach the office, please call Jennifer at 574-353-7227.:phone: