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    McCulloch 4318a wanted

    McCulloch 4318 a (0-100-1) wanted in good condition plus engine mount for single seat. Non runners also considered if complete.
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    McCulloch 4318a wanted

    McCulloch 4318a wanted in good, running condition. Complete engines (non-runners) also considered if condition fair.
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    Gyro features in UK television advert

    Ad for Cuprinol features model Bensen Montgomerie type gyro - albeit one that does not fly quite like a gyro. Not sure that he obeys the 500 ft rule...
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    enara helicopter

    For pics see
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    Enara helicopter

    New interesting Spanish project on the horizon - coaxial helicopter - that may appeal to you guys. Enara helicopter from Intended as both production & kit-built with various engine options. Not much info on the site but google for images and you will see some from various...