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    McCulloch 4318a wanted

    McCulloch 4318 a (0-100-1) wanted in good condition plus engine mount for single seat. Non runners also considered if complete.
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    McCulloch 4318a wanted

    McCulloch 4318a wanted in good, running condition. Complete engines (non-runners) also considered if condition fair.
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    Post crash fires.

    I believe that Trixy use Merin tanks - - who make a range of reinforced elastomeric tanks.
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    Aviomania CE

    It's the G1sa and a few years back but gives you the general idea
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    1/2 continental

    Looks interesting - a bit like the Franklin 2A twin cylinder engine that Ken Wallis used. KW also made himself a 2 cylinder Rolls Royce engine if I remember correctly!
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    Me too - can you post a download link to Dropbox or similar?
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    Gyro fuel tanks

    Take a look at - they are an Italian firm that make anti-explosion fuel cells that are suitable for aircraft like autogyros.
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    Yet Another Movie with a Gyro!

    1:04:55-1:05:20 is the section with Ken Wallis flying G-AXAS, a Wallis WA-116 T known as Zeus III in the film. The T suffix denotes the fact that it is one of his twin seat autogyros.
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    wanted Cricket Mark 4 plans

    Gary Layzell / Peter Lovegrove Gary Layzell / Peter Lovegrove Best to call / text me if you want contact details for Gary or Peter - my no is 07881 821414.
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    wanted Cricket Mark 4 plans

    Cricket Mk4 & MK6 & AV18a/b autogyros Cricket Mk4 & MK6 & AV18a/b autogyros Gary Layzell is now in France - he has the manufacturing rights to the AV18a (open frame) and AV18b (podded) which was a derivative of the Cricket Mk6 - I believe that the AV18 aircraft are the only Section T compliant...
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    Canard on a gyro

    Wallis gyros Wallis gyros Ken Wallis had small forward stabilisers fitted to the front of the pod on one of his speed-record WA-116's I seem to remember, the aim being to prevent the nose from rising with the increased airflow over the nose. He felt that 140 mph was 'easily possible' though I...
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    Gyro features in UK television advert

    Better on Vimeo Better on Vimeo Better on Vimeo
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    Gyro features in UK television advert

    Ad for Cuprinol features model Bensen Montgomerie type gyro - albeit one that does not fly quite like a gyro. Not sure that he obeys the 500 ft rule...
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    Another Flying Car

    Flying Cars Flying Cars Urban Aeronautics - - see current articles in Flight International.
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    Rotary Wings of a Strange Kind

    Check out - based on the same principle / basic design I believe.
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    Aero 2013 - news

    Additional gyro manufacturer / exhibitor is DTA with their J-Ro Cabriolet autogyro.
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    Carter PAV has made 100+ flights!

    Interesting article on
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    Enara helicopter

    Co Ax Head Co Ax Head Do you have contact details for the manufacturer of this head - whether they be in Taiwan or Japan?
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    enara helicopter

    For pics see
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    Enara helicopter

    New interesting Spanish project on the horizon - coaxial helicopter - that may appeal to you guys. Enara helicopter from Intended as both production & kit-built with various engine options. Not much info on the site but google for images and you will see some from various...