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    magazine article

    Could not be more pleased with the article that was done by a local reporter. Just wished the pic would have had my compartment closed. LOL
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    flight training lesson plan

    For those interested in obtaining a sport-pilot gyro license, either from scratch or as an add-on I am posting our lesson plan below. We offer training in a MTO sport, also offer sales and service. Located in Louisiana, just north of Baton Rouge. We are fully insured. Our ground school is...
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    Never too old

    David Walsh, a British citizen who has been living in Thailand for the last 40 years came to AutoGyro of Louisiana to get his gyro sport pilot endorsement. Passed his proficiency ride last Saturday. David who is 75 years young proves that you are never too old to learn to fly the new...
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    fly in

    We are having a fly in on April 16th at my airport located in Jackson Louisiana. 3,000' asphalt runway, with Thompsons Creek located about 1/2 mile off the runway. Have free hangar storage for those wishing to spend the weekend. Camping allowed, however no hookups. For nearby lodging check...
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    Grand Opening for Auto Gyro of Louisiana
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    Grand Opening

    AutoGyro of Louisiana will be having our grand opening this Sat, Feb 20th at the East Feliciana Air park in Jackson Louisiana, 5122 Airport Ln, Jackson La. For our friends flying in the designator is LA3 (formerly 4LA3) Freq is 122.9 Ribbon cutting ceremony at 11 and chicken and sausage gumbo...
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    Initial 40 hours

    Flying off my 40 hours after completing the build. Many thanks to my mentor and friend Craig McPherson.
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    Gonzales Louisiana

    short flight around Gonzales Louisiana
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    Flying Thompson's Creek

    When my students need a break from pattern work we fly over to Thompson's Creek. Get to see the famous Bluffs from the air.
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    the making of a Gyro Grin
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    Help neede

    I have made some videos using IMovie. Not sure how to upload it to the forum. Could someone help describe how to do this. Many thanks, Stephen
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    training in louisiana

    Was issued my LODA today, so we are open to begin training in our MTO sport here in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Also, offer sales and service for the AutoGyro brand.
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    My instructor, Craig McPhearson, AKA Muffin Man Attended the training seminar with other CFI's from around the country
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    Ladies of AutoGyro

    Some of the ladies who attended the AutoGyro CFI course
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    Convington Louisiana

    As seen at 2000 feet from our Gyro
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    CFI seminar

    With Phil Harwood, hosted by AutoGyro USA. Originally posted on Photos by mistake, my bad
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    just after my first gyro solo

    My wife, best friend and co-pilot Terry
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    almost home

    120 mile round trip from our home airport to St Tammany Regional to visit with our skydiver friends. 47 degrees when we left, 67 on the way home. Terry said her teeth were chattering on the way over. LOL
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    great flight

    The Tchefuncte River flowing into Lake Ponchartrain. Our Marina and Sailboat is down there.
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    CFI instructor course

    Hosted by AutoGyro USA Spent three days with Phil Harwood