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  1. Tina

    Help my gyro has been SOLD!

    Hi Gyro People, How do I stop telephone calls on my gyro that has been sold for several years now? I get these calls at least once a year from interested guys wanting to buy my gyro. I just got another call this last week. I ask the gentleman where did you hear this and he said " I read it...
  2. Tina

    What happen to Thread?

    Hi All, What happen to that Thread I was reading last night about a newbie that wanted to try flying a gyro with only 1-2 hours of training? I only got to read a few pages and was looking forward to reading more this morning and its gone! What happened did it get ugly? I hate censorship! We...
  3. Tina

    When Vacations Attack

    Hi All, Did anyone see the show last night "When Vacations Attack?" Here is the link, it has a gyroplane crash we all talked about here on the forum sometime ago that was caught on video. I was watching this show because next Sunday My video and interview of Dennis Kenyon's crash will be aired...
  4. Tina

    California Vortex Sportcopter for sale

    Located in Hemet, California. Ready to fly, complete with a 582 Rotax, new Warp Drive Prop, new 8" X 25' Sportcopter rotor system pitch adjustable hub bar, track adjustable, self-alignment, coning and dampening system. Precision Instrument Panel by Sportcopter and built in Micro-Air Radio...
  5. Tina

    Getting ready for some cross-country

    I been waiting for some good weather to do some real cross-country flying. Finally got the chance to check out a new friends dirt runway 20 miles from Hemet airport. I been further but its been sometime since my last real cross-country flight. Soon I will be putting in the time to do some...
  6. Tina

    Flying sideways

    I want to start trying new things in my flying. I was thinking of starting to practice flying sideways. I will do this by taking small steps to getting the machine to fly a little sideways going down the runway a little step at a time till I am fully sideways. I have done this before with a...
  7. Tina

    Rotor flap

    I had my first rotor flap a few weeks back and like to talk about it and warn others. My pre-rotor was not engaging correctly and I had this problem for some time now and it was only getting worse. It got to the point I can only get the rotors spinning up to 70 but still was able to manage that...
  8. Tina

    My Apologies to Dennis

    Its seems you cant even talk without a moderator stepping in to close it down because they think your not being nice. Give me a break! Anyway Dennis I like to Apologize to you because after thinking about it, what I seen at El Mirage is no different then what a lot of other gyro pilots do but...
  9. Tina

    Sportcopter vortex for sale

    I am putting my gyro up for sale and looking to get a Decathlon or Citabria. I had a lot of fun flying the gyro but I am wanting to get into aerobatic flying. Not sure what to ask for just yet and I am in no hurry to sale it because I know I will miss it, so I will be asking top dollar for it...
  10. Tina

    PowerFin verses Warp Drive props

    Well I finally got my new Warp Drive prop. With Dave's help it's on my gyro and I am flying it. The prop flys different then the PowerFin. I guess you trade off one performance for another, over all I like it better. The PowerFin would climb a lot faster then the new one but it flys faster...
  11. Tina

    Are we all just crazy for flying gyro's

    I ask this question because of another Thread that was started called "PRA EXPOSED" I some how insulted John "All In" for not yet flying a gyro. That was not my intent but I can see why people thought that is what I was doing. After reading and talking to some people I started thinking maybe...
  12. Tina

    Having fun with my GYRO

    Had a great day flying yesterday in my gyro. I was doing touch and gos around the pattern at Hemet airport. I also draw a audience any time I fly there, I see many people pull over on the streets near the airport in their cars just to watch me fly, that is always fun. I am sure many have never...
  13. Tina

    Looking for a rotax 582 manual

    Need help finding a manual for a Rotax 582. Any one know if there is somewhere on the Internet I can print one out? Or do I just call the manufacturer and have them send me one?
  14. Tina

    My new Sport Copter Rotors

    Thank you Jim, Jon and Trenna at Sport Copter for rushing to get my new rotors to me before the Hemet air show next week. The Rotors are beautiful and Dave tells me the fly better then the other blades I had. I will be flying them this weekend. Also a big THANK YOU Dave!!!! He helped...
  15. Tina

    My new friend

    I have a new flying friend and he is meeting me at El Mirage in a few weeks to show him my gyroplane. He is very interested in seeing one fly. He has my cell phone number and will call me to set up a time and day. I can't wait to meet him, he is after all a very famous personality and loves to...
  16. Tina

    Dave's new job

    Dave has taken a new job. Guess what he does by looking at his new uniform? He was in construction but we all know why that is not paying now a days. So he had to look else where for work that will pay and a friend said he can earn up to $100 a night for only 3 hours work and Dave said I am...
  17. Tina

    Happy Bd Dave!!

    Hope you have a great day on your birthday! :party: Don't party to much :smokin: Here is some pictures of Dave's favorite things to do. Maybe he will be able to do some this weekend. :D
  18. Tina

    I lost interest in flying Gyros!

    That is at airports. I have come to the conclusion after flying my Gyro at El Mirage this last week with Dave that flying my Gyro at the airports are not as fun. I was missing something when flying my Gyro at the local airports or just flying it around Hemet. I knew what it was but just keep on...
  19. Tina

    Crosswind landings in a FW

    I have been flying my Cherokee a lot lately. I took my niece for a short flight on Monday when the winds picked up. I wanted to practice some wind flying. I warned my niece it is going to be a rough flight. I flew to a airport only 15 minutes away and it was really rough, my niece was worried...
  20. Tina

    No Music Needed

    Dave and I went to El Mirage this last weekend and I got to watch him fly his KB-2 and took some video of it. I had a great time visiting with people at the lake and just being at one of the most beautiful places in the high desert. I also seen Marion out at the lake and we had a nice...