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  1. Ron Iaconis

    Gyro 72 Mac Powered

    I have a Bensen Mac and trailer with winch with enclosed blade box Rotordyne blades,,,,, Email me at [email protected] Package Price $6,500
  2. Ron Iaconis

    Bensen Mac Powered,,,,,,One 72 and One 90 Will Be up For Sale Soon

    *************************** SOLD ***************************************** Both Gyros are up for sale,,,,,,,,, Either gyro $6,500, Trailers included Spare Parts, engine, blades, jugs, mags, and much more $2,000 PLEASE READ MY LAST PAGE POST I have two Bensen Gyros that are almost...
  3. Ron Iaconis

    MAC 90 Cylinders and Pistons?

    I am looking for some 90 Pistons and 90 Juggs? Anyone out there have any? Ron Iaconis
  4. Ron Iaconis

    Wanted:::: MAC PROP 52 X 26

    Am looking for a good used Mac Prop for a 72 Mac. 52X26" Does anybody have one? I live in Alabama, North Eastern part of the state. Please call me, text me or email me. Ron Iaconis 404-539-6637 [email protected]
  5. Ron Iaconis

    Cog Belt Reduction at 2 to 1 for Rotax 582 Reduction ???????

    Hi, I am looking for a cog belt reduction drive that is 2 to 1 reduction. I am putting a Rotax 582 on my Bensen and am using a 26X52 prop or even a 28X52 prop. I want my prop to turn at aprox. 3800 RPM, and my Rotax turns at 5500 to 6000 RPM.... Does anyone out there know where I can find a...
  6. Ron Iaconis

    Mac 72 HP Hard to Start??????

    Can anyone offer advice on helping me with a hard starting Mac? I just rebuilt the Mac, it has the new third ring near the top of the pistons, plugs are at .012" , points are at .018" new aircraft plugs, Mag has good spark. I had it running twice and it does run good, but right now it refuses to...
  7. Ron Iaconis

    Titanium Exhaust Pipes for the MAC

    Has anyone put the Titanium Exhaust Pipes on their Mac?????? I am considering on getting a set for my Bensen Mac Gyro,,,, Would appreciate any information on the actual performance ( do they really produce the 15 percent power increase ) ????? I already have a set of the Georgia Boys ( Hulon...
  8. Ron Iaconis

    Glue Integrity For Rotor Dyne Blades????

    Hi, I have a set of Rotordyne Blades manufactured out of Burbank, CA. The Serial Number is # 377 ,,,,, Does anyone know if there is a problem with either the glue or other concerns? These blades as far as I know were manufactured by Robert Reece,,,the originator of Rotor Dyne Blades,,,back in...
  9. Ron Iaconis

    How I Got The Bug,,,Gyro Bug ,,That Is !!!!

    How I Got The Bug (Gyro Bug, that is) By Ron Iaconis Back in July 1954, I was 10 years old and as my mom would say, I was a little devil! She would scold me because I would stay out from home and forget to come in for lunch, dinner, and even forget that it got dark out. So she tied a rope to...
  10. Ron Iaconis

    Can't Look @ Classifieds, nor get on Private Chat???

    Why am I " Banned" from private chat rooms,,,and private Forums and as I now am aware that Now I cannot even look at the Classified Gyros!!!!????? Ron Iaconis PRA Life Member 16101 Am I hated "That Much" ??????????????????? What the " HAY " ???????
  11. Ron Iaconis

    Add Your Dr. Bensen Photos !!!!!

    I have a couple of Dr. Bensen photos,,,, Does anyone else have and want to post them? I was fortunate to have met him and talk with him for several hours on two occations,,,in 1985 at Bensen Days,,,at our 1985 Shelbyville, Illinoise PRA convention, and again at 1985 Oshkosh.. PS: At Oshkosh...
  12. Ron Iaconis

    Brock 6 inch Wheel

    I have aBrock 6 inch wheel for sale,,,,or I would like to buy a match for my one wheel???? Anyone have one,,,,or anyone want mine?
  13. Ron Iaconis

    Brock 6 inch wheel?????

    I have one Ken Brock Wheel,,,,a 6 inch alloy main wheel. Does anyone have either one or two of them? I would like to get one or two of them...... This is what it looks like,,,,,
  14. Ron Iaconis

    My New Disc Brake Project

    I have a set of garden tractor calipers that I have decided to use for my disc brake project,,,,,,,,,, RONS Brakes /parking brake - YouTube
  15. Ron Iaconis

    Need Ken Brock Main Wheel for KB-2

    I bent one of my Ken Brock KB-2 Main Wheels,,,,,Does anyone have one I can buy? click on the avatar to view,,,,,,,,tks
  16. Ron Iaconis

    Roror RPM ????????

    I have flown Bensen blades, Rotor Hawk and Rotor Dynes, and till lately haven't had a rotor tach. But Now I have changed from 23ft 3 inches , 7 & 3/8 Chord Rotorynes, to Rotor Dynes that are 8 in chord and blade lenght is 23 ft 6 inches My smaller chord Dynes flew at 340-370 RPM's My 8 in chord...
  17. Ron Iaconis

    Pre Rotate Stick Back/Stick Forward??????

    I have been flying since 1984, and hand started my blades. But recently I added a pre rotor and am sending out feelers to knowledgeable rotor folks if there is any preferred or safe way when pre rotoring the blades when sitting still on the runway? I realise that if a head wind is prevalent and...
  18. Ron Iaconis

    Need " A " Rods For A Mac

    I am looking for some " A " Rods for my Mac. These rods are wavey on the bottom end and are wider, as well they accept the improved two piece steel cage " AX " bearing set. The rods I have are rusted and not usable. Anyone have a good set of 4? Even more would be better. I am looking for Mac...
  19. Ron Iaconis

    What and Where is the Long Island Gyro Museum?

    I keep forgetting the name and where on Long Island the Gyro Museum is? Can anyone help me on this. Last April 2003 they had a big get together there,,,,Ken Wallis , Tervamakki was ther and all..... My son, Michael just got a job at Curtis Wright near Republic Airport in Farmingdale, LI and I...
  20. Ron Iaconis

    Wiped OUT My Mac Crank!!!!??????

    I have a question for any MAC People. I have been flying and tesy benching a home made prop. It weighs almost twice the average prop for a MAC. I have a prop that weighs between 5 and 6 pounds,,,,that flew well. For some time I had a prop that weighed almost twice that weight,,,at almost 10...