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    Buckeye 582 overheating issue

    Hi to all: I have a Buckeye 582 (1999) that I've been flying for the last 7 years. It has about a 150 hours since I purchased it and it was torn down and at least partially rebuilt at that time . Since I live in Ohio I only fly an average of 15 or so flights per year at about a hour or so for...
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    Rotax 582 coil issue

    Hi: I have a Buckeye 582 PPC. A few weeks ago one of my coils (Magnetos) quit working. (tested by grounding out the other one) I replaced the coil with a new one and the new one wont work either. Any way to test a coil to see if it is good? Any other ideas of what may be the issue? Thanks! bob