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  1. gyromike

    Chinese military gyros.

    I spotted this picture in an article from The Sun:
  2. gyromike it a force, or an effect?

    In the discussion of forces, real and imaginary, in the thread On the flapping and lead-lag blade oscillations (in German) Coriolis is mentioned. Is Coriolis a real force, or is it an effect that depends on frame of reference. I have always understood it to be an effect, but the more I think I...
  3. gyromike

    Possible workaround for the New Topics button

    Currently, the New Topics button is not working correctly. The search criteria is not restrictive enough, but I may have a temporary solution. This should return a list of threads with the latest unread posts, just like the previous version of the Forum. *** Open the Forum in a second window...
  4. gyromike

    Starbee website?

    Anyone else having trouble bringing up the Starbee website? I keep getting alerts from my Chrome browser, or it says "site can't be displayed" in Internet Explorer. I can view the site on my phone using Chrome however.
  5. gyromike

    Website issues with Little Wing Autogyro

    We are having issues with Ron Herron's Little Wing Autogyro website not coming up. Neither Ron or his customers can bring up the site, but I can bring it up on my phone, two different computers, three different browsers. I would appreciate it if any one reading this could click on the link and...
  6. gyromike


    Just testing to see why there haven't been any posts today.
  7. gyromike

    Phoenix Rotorcraft at Mentone?

    Did Phoenix Rotorcraft make it to Mentone? Didn't they get a tractor trailer to haul their gear and make the fly-ins? I tried to pull up their website to see if any progress had been made on the UFO, or any other model, but the site won't come up.
  8. gyromike

    Gyros at Oshkosh

    Here are some shot of gyros at Oshkosh: MTO Sport on the ultralight flightline. Silver Calidus. New Cavalon side by side. Just got in the country Friday and this is it's first public showing in USA. We got to visit with Jon Daily of Sportcopter for a while but Jim Vanek wasn't around. Jon...
  9. gyromike

    582 Bluehead stator needed

    Wanted for a friend of mine: 582 Bluehead STATOR, 582/99, 12W150. Rotax part number 996 849 Contact info in my signature block.
  10. gyromike

    Thank You Greg Gremminger

    Greg Gremminger posted this statement in the "Magazine" thread and I thought it was getting lost in all the furor, so I thought I would repost it here. This is good news and I just wanted to recognize him for his efforts. Thank You Greg!
  11. gyromike

    Gyroglider category

    I created a new category for gyrogliders here: Have at it. :)
  12. gyromike

    Marchetti Avenger project for sale

    A friend asked if I would sell his uncompleted Marchetti Avenger. The Avenger is a side-by-side gyroplane that was designed to be powered by a 150 hp. Lycoming engine. This project is basically a rolling airframe assembled from parts supplied by Marchetti Engineering with real aircraft hardware...
  13. gyromike

    Bensen Days 2010

    I just wanted to post a quick note to say thanks to Sunstate for putting on such a great event. I hadn't been to Bensen days since 2007 and didn't realize how much I missed it until I got there last Monday. It was good to see old friends, meet new friends, and put faces to Forum names. As...
  14. gyromike

    Happy Birthday RockyMeLad!

    Happy Birthday Rocky! :party:
  15. gyromike

    Deleted threads.

    Some of you may have noticed some of the more controversial threads have been deleted. They were getting out of hand with the politics, religion, and name calling. Todd has already posted that he would rather not see it on the Forum. But it tends to creep into a lot of threads and it gets ugly...
  16. gyromike

    A couple of new videos

    Here are a couple more videos from the the Pelican State Rotor Club down in Louisiana. Here is the video from our fly-in last May in Opelousas: And here is one I thought I had lost. It is from 2004 in Jennings La. I stumbled across it...
  17. gyromike

    Killed off a bunch of spammers this evening.

    I just got finished banning nineteen spammers this evening. Some were the spammers that were posting all over the place, others had not yet begun to post. All had the same email domain, so they were easy to find. I also reset the registration to be approved by an Admin, specifically me. There's...
  18. gyromike

    Flying my Bensen

    I guess I'll join the video club. Here's mine: You can click the link at the bottom right of the youtube player to watch it in High Quality. And has music. :)
  19. gyromike

    One man's trash... another man's treasure. I found this at the dump today while dropping off some garbage. It uses a 9 X 3.50-4 tire and still holds air. Tire looks good too. The sprocket is worn but not a big deal for a gyro. :) Doesn't someone have one of these for a nosewheel on their gyro? Anyway...
  20. gyromike

    This would look at home at one of our fly-ins...

    Who in this group would look most at home in this thing?