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  1. madwinger

    Wanted Air Command Parts

    I have a friend that needs parts to finish his Air Command. As follows: Rotor head, rudder pivot block and plates that hold it to keel, cyclic control. If you have any of these parts PM me and I will put you in touch with him. Thanks Mark
  2. madwinger

    Almost new Air Command Rudder and Stabs

    SOLD I had an Air Command that I rebuilt. Decided not to fly it. Tried to sell it but no takers so I parted it out. All I have left is the Rudder and Stabs. I purchased the rudder new from Air Command and the the stabs were from the original aircraft. I had them painted pearl White. The rudder...
  3. madwinger

    Happy New Year

    Hi all just checking in and wishing you all a great 2017. Hope to see some of you at ROTR this year. God bless you all with health, happiness and many hours of very, very safe flying. Mark
  4. madwinger

    Trying to get a large box from Utah to Floridia.

    Tony Utset in Okeechobee Florida whats to buy my Air Command Pod. Shipping for the pod is about $225.00 to the East coast which is ridiculous in my opinion for a 35 lb box. I'm sure it is because the box although not heavy but is tall at 58" and almost 30 inches in height and width. Jeff Tipton...
  5. madwinger

    Whats left from parting out my Air Command

    This Seat cover is all i have left. New seat cover that I put a clear plastic panel in on the left side. The pictures of the seat tank is the type of seat tank this seat cover fits. I ordered a new white opaque seat tank and though it would fit the new tank. Thought a window would be better than...
  6. madwinger

    Make me an offer!

    I have to get my Air Command airframe out of the carport by orders of the boss. She has had her car half way out for way too long now. I do not have anywhere to keep it that is not covered up. Make me an offer before I take it apart and scrap the raw frame. I will do this by first of next week...
  7. madwinger

    Rotax Rick

    Does any one have a phone number for Rotax Rick? Contact info would be appreciated. Thanks Mark
  8. madwinger

    Gyro down in Utah

    A gyro with a man and a woman aboard went down in the shallow Strawberry river near Soldier Creek. Both survived with non life threatening injuries...thank God! Soldier Summit is just under 8000 feet and Highway 6 runs thru there from Spanish Fork Utah to Price Utah. That's all that news here...
  9. madwinger

    Misc stuff off my Air Command

    For sale some misc stuff off my Air Command This seat cover is new. After I purchased this seat cover I found I needed a new seat tank. So I ordered a white opaque tank from Tom Milton and thought the new seat cover would fit the new seat. WRONG! The idea was to cut out the side and have a...
  10. madwinger

    For Sale Pod and Pants off Air Command

    Pod sold but wheel pants still available. I had a friends son do the body work on this pod. I did not pay much and got what I paid for. The paint was some left over Nissan pearl white. This pod needs to be re worked, glassed and gel coated. However it is in really good shape and would make a...
  11. madwinger

    When Dogs Fly..........

    Cute Story about rescue dogs being taught to fly. enjoy Mark
  12. madwinger

    Rotax 532 Complete Engine package.

    Final Reduction to $2000.00 Off my Air Command. For sale complete Rotax 532 engine package. Fogged and filled with new Orange coolant. Crated and ready to ship. Less than 10 hours. Includes: A gear box 2.58 gears with new gear oil New stainless exhaust hangers New exhaust manifold and...
  13. madwinger

    Complete Rotax 532 Motor Package

    For sale as near a complete Rotax 532 motor package as there is. The guy that I purchased the gyro from purchased the motor new never run. It may have 10 hours on it. He said he put 8 on it but I don't think he really even flew the Gyro. The gyro itself was not the least bit airworthy when I...
  14. madwinger

    Air Command Rolling Air Frame for sale

    The air frame is sold Still available is a new complete Air Command cyclic with mid mast idlers, control rods, rod end inserts and aircraft grade rod end bearings and Joy stick with connection for your radio for push to talk button, Also available is the new Air Command rudder and like new...
  15. madwinger

    Baxter Throttle Quadrant and Console

    For sale Baxter friction adjustable dual throttle quadrant and console that came off my Air Command. I made this with and extension to hold Landing light, Strobe and fuel pump switches for easy access and a bracket that held my hand set radio. It mounted between the seat tank and the frame on...
  16. madwinger

    Gyro Jake Gas Prerotator

    For sale a new Gyro Jake 49cc shaft drive gas prerotator. This prerotator works great. It will spin up 25" Skywheels to 150 rpm in less than a minute. comes with kill switch, throttle cable and small gas tank. The motor requires 40 to one premix so if your Rotax is using 50 to one you will need...
  17. madwinger

    Small Rotax Radiator

    I have decided to add this to the engine package. Mark
  18. madwinger

    Good used UMA Altimiter 0 to 10,000

    For sale very good used UMA 3" altimeter 0 to 10,000 feet. (NOTE I am offering this with my thread for a rolling air frame if that sells first.) $80.00 Mark 801-514-6928
  19. madwinger

    New Falcon ASI 0 to 120 MPH

    For sale New only mounted in dash never flown Falcon ASI 0 to 120 MPH $120.00 plus shipping. Mark 801-514-6928
  20. madwinger

    New 70" 2 Blade Warp Pusher

    Brand new 70" Warp 2 Blade Pusher with nickel leading edges, Factory painted yellow tips and standard hub for 2 stroke Rotax gear box. $450.00 Call Mark at 801-514-6928