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    Question about 6061 tubes.

    Seamless is what you want. Jody
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    Tell me what you think!

    That definately looks like a nick to me. But the million dollar question........What caused it? You might look into that when installing a new one. Jody
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    maybe yes /maybe no ???

    Sounds like a reasonable approach. I don't have a problem doing it, done it all before. Just don't have the space right now. I started working on my modified Bensen in the back yard a while back. But other things got in the way and now the weather is in the dumps. Hopefully this spring I'll get...
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    maybe yes /maybe no ???

    Ya' know Tony......the more I look at it, the more it looks like the Affordaplane idea I had. Come on weather, warm up!!:ohwell: Jody
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    The truck that went off the Spring River bridge on I-44. 8 people in the truck, 3 of them died. Jody
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    Tony, I don't know about you, but I can put up with the heat much better than the stuff we have right now. Looks like it was an interesting day up your way today. Jody
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    Mentone via Ford truck

    Well.........I have a Dodge(Ram 1500) and a Ford(F150). Currently the Dodge is in the driveway. It's engine is in the garage on a stand. The Ford just keeps going, and going, and going......... The Ford has more miles on it too!! Jody
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    For sale Rare Helicopter, classic Helicom Commuter H-1B N814S

    Can't wait to see some pics or videos of the the old girl flying again!! Jody
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    18 years and counting

    Hey Tony, hopefully I can get up that way someday. I'll definately give you a shout if I do. I also have the Texas Parasol plans and like what you've done. Jody
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    18 years and counting

    Hey Tony, I recently acquired a set of Affordaplane plans. The conversion to tractor gyro is tempting. I'm going to think about this one!! Jody
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    This just circled overhead....?

    Thanks for the info Wasp!! I couldn't see any N numbers on this one. It was here, then it was gone.:sad: Jody
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    This just circled overhead....?

    Yep, knew it was a McCulloch, didn't know there were any in my neck of the woods. Wondering who it belongs to. Would definately like to talk to them. Jody
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    This just circled overhead....?

    Heard an interesting noise, ran outside to see, ran back in to get camera. Anybody know who this might be? Haven't ever seen it around here before. Sorry, pics aren't the greatest. Jody
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    From the FAA, screw you your outta business

    Let's see...... We have a CFI....... We have a student....... We have a sport being killed....... Hmmmmm??????? Jody
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    flying a gyrobee, confessions of a test pilot! flight report!

    Ok, what's the latest? Anybody heard from Jeff lately? It's been over a week and no updates. Jody
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    Arrow Copter First Flight (2008)

    If you keep the total weight under 50 pounds.:twitch:
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    Testing Aluminum??

    The first easy check..... Look at the edges of the tubing. Do the inside and outside edges come to a nice sharp point or do they have a radius? If they are sharp on the edges it's not 6061, probably 6063. If they have a radius, they "might" be 6061. Either way, if it's not marked, I would be...
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    New Helicom Commuter/ Safari yahoo group

    Just submitted my request to your Yahoo group. Back to waiting for spring so I can get out and do something!! Jody
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    Helicom Commuter H1B ,I restoration of a classic

    Wow, it's looking "respectable" again!! Keep up the great work Tim. Jody
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    anyone ever.....

    Didn't John Stevens (aka "SCREW") post on here some time back that he had done that? Jody