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  1. IlluminataPhoto

    ATR 500 radio noise filter/suppressor

    Greetings - I'm looking for advice on the proper noise filter/suppressor to attach to my Funkwerk ATR 500 radio. It's a long story and I'll spare all of the details. About seven months ago, the radio wouldn't work, so a experimental aircraft friend looked at the radio and figured that the...
  2. IlluminataPhoto

    Celier Xenon Parts?

    Greetings, I placed an order for a couple of Celier Xenon body parts (window, inspection door) a couple of months ago and today received an email from Celier that they are unable to process my order, with no explanation. I've received one suggestion for someone who might be able to create the...
  3. IlluminataPhoto

    I took my wife up for the first time... ;)

    These are 360 videos and Safari doesn't support 360 viewing (Google Chrome does support it, since YouTube belongs to Google!): I discovered that my wife doesn't enjoy looking down on a right bank turn... :) Enjoy, Tim!