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    Maybe Not So New

    Howdy ya'll. . .again. I've been off the forum for the better part of a year now. I once was Chris from Lafayette, LA. I'm now Chris from Ft. Bragg, NC. The last time I posted, I was about 20 hours into my PPL and looking to get some gyro instruction. Now. . .I'm still the same. I've moved up to...
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    Leaving for a while

    For the few of you living in the south who know me, this is a goodbye for a while. On the 20th of this month, I will be departing for Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for Army Basic Training and Military Police school, followed by a short stay in Fort Benning, Georgia to undergo Airborne training. At...
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    So there IS a use for all that stuff

    Math. I grew up thinking, "I can add. I can subtract. And with a calculator, I can multiply and divide. I'm set for life." Then I go down to Mike G's this past weekend while he's working on his control rod assembly, machining a part, and so on. And I think, "Oh [explitive deleted]! I have to...
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    Howdy ya'll. I'm Chris Taylor from Lafayette, LA. I'm a 20-year old college student, and I'm going to be a police officer when I graduate, so this country boy will always be short on cash. The problem is I have one expensive desire, which is to fly. I've long-since decided that being a licensed...