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  1. EdL

    EAA SportAviation Article

    Great article in this month’s magazine about gyros. Very positive. Includes interviews with Dayton, Chris, and Greg Spicola. Did a nice job highlighting some of the mainstream/popular gyros like the AR-1, Autogyros, Magni, and even the Dominator. /Ed
  2. EdL

    General Thoughts re Gyros

    Lots of great thoughts and perspectives in some other threads. Rather than put this particular idea into one of them, it seems reasonable to post a different thread. Until the Eurotubs became more established in the US over the past decade or two, the vast majority of gyros were plans-built...
  3. EdL


    This is kinda directed towards Phil but I appreciate others’ input. The comment/video in another thread about S-turns was spot on re the fallacy of “loading up the rotor”, in my opinion, but I want to make sure the benefits of S-turns was not completely lost. With my Piper Warrior, I have...
  4. EdL

    Pattern Work Musings

    The various posts about pattern work in gyros has prompted some very good reflections on the issue. As a non-CFI but someone with a good amount of fixed-wing time, I’m offering the following musings. First, regardless of what’s in or not in the regs and/or ACs, I always try to let common sense...
  5. EdL

    Working with Aluminum

    I see some very nice workmanship on gyros on this site (e.g. the “crescendo build” thread). What are some of the tricks people use for cutting aluminum sheet, angle, and tubing? What about filing it? Drilling it? Thanks for any insights - and even any links to good videos, etc. that...
  6. EdL

    Gyro Accident Prevention

    The discussion about what happens to rotors after a crash prompted some good discussion. One of the observations was that many/most of the crashes were caused by pilot error and that better training would help with this. While I wholeheartedly agree, that seems to oversimplify many things...
  7. EdL

    For the Kiddos

    Seen at the Magni factory - the M-17! (Apparently 17 is the Italian equivalent of 13 as far as luck, so they didn’t use the number on a “real” gyro). (Sorry - can’t figure out how to rotate it upright). /Ed
  8. EdL

    AR-1 Build

    First, I’m not affiliated with Silverlight but have been to the factory and was very impressed by the quality of work being done there and Abid’s approach to his business. I’m just a lowly pilot wanting his own gyro someday. Larry Hauptrief and Mark Kincaid are dealers near me in central Texas...