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  1. AirCommandPilot

    Need Rotax Gearbox ...

    I ran a 68" IVO three blade on a 532 with a 2.62 gear ratio.
  2. AirCommandPilot

    Electric Pre-Rotator

    I'd have to agree with Wolfy, looks to be less than 100 rpm. You might want to verify the settings on the rotor tach. If you get creative, you can take the video and do some math with the frame rate.
  3. AirCommandPilot

    Weber carbys

    Although I don't know what jets you should be running, I do know that they should be larger than stock (automobile) jets. When flying, you are running the engine at high RPM and with a large load on the engine. It needs extra fuel to keep up with the load. Does your exhaust blow black smoke when...
  4. AirCommandPilot

    The catch 22 of autorotation on gyroplanes

    Somewhere I heard Sir Wallis used very short rotors maybe 16'? I can't seem to find where I read/heard it though so maybe it's not true.
  5. AirCommandPilot

    Gyroblade purchase

    What's the name of the manufacturer?
  6. AirCommandPilot

    question about prerotation

    Here's a video of how I pre-rotate at our non towered airport. I stop at the Hold Short line and pre-rotate to around 150rpm, then stick back and taxi onto the runway while lining up on center and go. Very minimal time on the runway. I do take my time as my rotors gain rpm though. No pre-rotate...
  7. AirCommandPilot

    Flying off to the right.

    I have found on some gyros, mine included if you center the stick, the head will be tilted about 3 degrees to the right if standing behind the gyro. From the picture, it looks as if your's is aligned this way. Try aligning the stick and the rotor straight and level. While flying, if you let go...
  8. AirCommandPilot

    Alphabet soup

    I see these on here almost daily. HS = Horizontal Stabiliser CLT = Centerline Thrust
  9. AirCommandPilot

    Hand held radios

    I have a Yaesu (350?). I used to use it until I bought and old Becker in dash transceiver. I had no issues.
  10. AirCommandPilot

    Rotor Strap Bolts

    Are you planning on taking the rotor blades off and on the hub bar? If not, the nylock nuts should be fine. pretty much all of the newer two place machines I see use nylock nuts. If you are going to disassemble the rotor offen, I would use a castle nut with pins, or keep a stash of new nylock...
  11. AirCommandPilot

    Social Media?

    Oh, Kerrville is quite a trip. We hope to see you soon.
  12. AirCommandPilot

    Social Media?

    None of us have much time to post anything anywhere. We spend most of our time building and flying. If you have questions or comments, people will make the time to respond. Chapter 62's monthly meeting is this Saturday at 11am at the hangars in Anahuac. You should swing by and meet everyone. If...
  13. AirCommandPilot

    President trump

    If the rules of the game were different, i.e. no electoral college, I'm sure the way the nominees campaign would also change.
  14. AirCommandPilot

    President trump

    So that's it? Have you ever exaggerated a comment while trying to get a point across? How many people did he shoot? Remember you said you did not like his "Actions". Talk is just talk.
  15. AirCommandPilot

    President trump

    His "actions" or policies? I have no problem with most of his policies. You are correct, his actions are not as fit and finished as a career politician, but that's not what we elected him to be. We elected him because he was NOT a career politician. As far as dishonest and immoral, what example...
  16. AirCommandPilot

    President trump

    Yes, that's how investing works. The people who know how to do it right will be out of the market BEFORE it crashes, sometimes making the crash worse. The same goes with why there was an upward surge just before Trump was elected.
  17. AirCommandPilot

    President trump

    I like how you cherry pick the graphs. Before "O" got elected the S&P was around 1300 as the election got closer, people realized what was to come and they rushed to cash in making it tank to around 750. Fortunately there was no where to go but up. Over the next 8 years it rose, but only gained...
  18. AirCommandPilot

    President trump

    That goes both ways Ed. But look at the US economy, look at the unemployment rate, look at the poverty numbers. The numbers speak for them selves. But I know.... Orange man bad! Lets keep repeating that. Meanwhile I'll sit here and watch my company stock and 401K build.
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    President trump

    That's great! Not long and you'll be back in the air.
  20. AirCommandPilot

    President trump

    I agree with you on this one Ed. The church has been spewing their retarded version of the "truth" for centuries. Now the media has stepped into that position to spew their version of the truth to try to gaslight the people in believing whatever helps them (the media) achieve more ratings...