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  1. Acamacho

    Painting Air Command

    Hello everyone Someone could tell me, that name, color, number, or reference from the red color of the painting of the Air Command. A greeting
  2. Acamacho


    Hi all... I have noted that, when flying in the winter, the RRPMs of my gyro are around 385/min, and in the summer the revs rise to 396/min and even to 402/min in very hot (43ºC) days. I sometimes wonder whether those revs are normal... I use to fly always below 1000 ft asl, with an Air Command...
  3. Acamacho

    change in my air command

    I've transformed my air command CLT and 80 hp Rotax engine. I will try to put some pictures. (I write with translator, sorry if something is wrong)
  4. Acamacho

    rotor heads

    If someone can enlighten me. I have an Air command, which I transformed to CLT and changed a rotax engine 80 HP., bought in your day another command to spare air and therefore have two Rotor heads, so when put on the transformation and check which of the two was in better condition, the look...
  5. Acamacho


    Greetings to all, I would like to shorten a little cover and flexible my pre-rotaror Wunderlich shaft, know someone how to do it. Thank you all.
  6. Acamacho

    informatión change engine

    I have an autogyro Air Command with engine rotax 532 and HLT, and want to convert it to CLT and put an engine Rotax 912 UL 80 HP., So I would ask any information that I could bring, both for and against, before the change. The biggest problem I find is in the pre-rotor system changes, whether...
  7. Acamacho

    New in the forum

    Hello all, my name is Antonio and I live in Sevilla (Spain) and I have a autogyro Air Command single seater with engine Rotax 532. A greeting to all.