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    Photo Question

    Hello all, Anyone know who belongs to this design? Can't seem to remember where I go the pix! Thanks, Chris B.
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    CrossFlow PSRU

    Just got a very good deal on a CrossFlow PSRU re-drive. Haven't received yet but believe is 2.36:1 with built-in oil pump for tranny oil; will see when it arrives. Interested in what others have seen/heard of problems with the unit. I believe Tim O'Conner had some dealing with them before. A...
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    ITTY-BITTY Tractor

    From an older post of an Ozzie builder's forum. 2011; RTFM-Aero. Anyone know anything about it? Frame looks like it was 3-d printed :cool: He quotes the designer/builder as being Polish.
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    "P" torque corrector

    In the OEM Parson #2, he recommends a 10* angle permanent 'offset' at the rear (~8%) of active rudder area (to the right as viewed from the rear) using a right turning prop such as the Arrow. By active area I mean the ~1/2 of the total rudder that rotates. My question is: I am using an EJ22...
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    Control Cables - Hot off the Press!

    Just received the following from the A.F. Davidson Company (Custom Control Cables). Wonder if someone complained or "otherwise"? Was looking at these for purchase...hmmmm. Chris B.
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    Runway length

    When I eventually test my contraption will be flying from South Oaks Aerodrome in Winterville/Greenville NC. R/W is nice grass 1900' with roadway ~500' from 'hash marks' at 7. Assuming a tandem 1100# Parsons-Like with pre-rotate of 27-28' Dragon Wings to +>200...
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    Boyer 'Ultimate' Stab

    Group, Please. Anyone have any numbers on mounting to keel measurement? Hopefully a sketch? I am looking for primary dimensions only; not looking to re-engineer. Nice stab. Now accepting all offers! Chris B.
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    From the FlySoob Yahoo Group

    I have no other information. It is 'pretty'...too bad re: its reputation. UFO Gyroplane Kit The UFO gyro is a beautiful looking two seat cabin class high speed gyrocopter. My back is crook so I can no longer build this beautiful high speed cabin class gyro. Attached is a photo of a...
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    Tall Tail Plans

    Rotor Flight Dynamics no longer sells plans for their tall tail design. Anyone have plans they can offer? If not, any links to plans for a tandem? If not I'll make my own from either spruce or Al. Thanks all, Chris B.
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    Keel Angle Preference

    In a tandem configuration gyroplane, I have seen the keel 'angle' vary from 0 degrees (flat) to a few degrees 'down' (lower than mains height). I am assuming the down angle allows the pilot to easily 'fly on the mains' in a flight attitude on ground, thus somewhat signalling that TO is possible...
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    Mast 'dampener'

    Has any mfg or experimentalist documented the use of a composite material 'insert' as a mast harmonic damper? Thinking of a slight separation of the mast above the engine with a G-10/FR4 inner solid insert just above the motor mount. Through bolts and insert would be secured and void-filled...
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    Barnett Hub Extension

    I have a Barnett spindle head that am rebuilding. Came with original coned hub-bar, but requires an extension of ~ 10". Plans call for 2024 AL as are the rest of the structural parts of the design. 2024 and 7075 are ~ the same cost, at least in the dim's of the piece I need. When Jerry...
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    It has a "suburb" motor!

    Near Asheville, NC on Craigslist Looks like a newer model. All it needs is a stab. "Two person Gyrocopter for sale. Suburb motor. $28,500 firm. Includes trailer and other accessories. Please call Kenny. show contact info for appointment to view. Please do not leave a message."
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    RF-140 Design

    Any frame photos of Mr. Parham's RF-140 design would be appreciated, either on the forum or via PM. Have a set of publicly available plans, but somewhat incomplete. Here is the overall of the plans I have. Looks a little HTL (but not too). Thanks! Chris
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    PRA #42191 Build

    All, Promise to post pics soon, waiting on the Grove gear and my machinist. I have decided 'till I get to a rolling frame before pics and..."constructive criticism" Don't remember the member, but someone had suggested that the frame on level ground is in a slightly negative angle, i.e...
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    Only $83k! Wowza, you too can be a Jetson. Sorry if already posted. Chris
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    Good Price on Tires (e-bay)

    On e-bay, Good price for Goodyear 10-ply rating. Not so sure about the hai-karate. Are they related somehow? Hurry before they're gone. Lordy! Happy 4th. Featured Items Goodyear 5.00-5 10 Ply Type III Aircraft Tires $25.00 Vintage 4 oz. Hai Karate After Shave Lotion $39.99
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    Good Price on Tires (e-bay)

    Double posting it seems
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    High Thrust Line

    How's this for HTL? And JTO to boot.
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    R&D Instumentation

    As I begin my build, I am seeking ideas for possible instrumentation to include not only for the engine, but other sensors that would prove useful to those of us who actually like looking at numbers...Kolibri comes to mind. Being a physicist and research engineer, I am looking at this build...