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    Two new Titanium Explorer gyros in the USA.

    Two new Titanium gyros in Texas. We will have one or both at the chapter 62 event in October!
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    Bolly Optima props now shipping in the USA

    I have had several people inquire about the Bolly Optima Props being used on the Titanium gyro. I will be placing an order this week for some. The one used on the 912 and 914 TAG gyro is the Optima III. The size is 67 inch but we can get the same prop in 70,69,68,67,66. They cut and balance to...
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    First Titanium Autogyro flys in the USA

    This week marks the first flight of the Titanium Autogyro in the USA. We hope to have many more!!
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    SOLOSHOT Sold to you by Titanium Autogyro

    Titanium Autogyro of North America. Not just a gyro dealer.. We are the latest dealer for SOLOSHOT!! SoloShot is like having your own private cameraman on sight! We will be posting videos and promotions including this great product. It will be showcased at the ROTR flyin in June...
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    Carbon Blades to see at Bensen Days

    New Carbon Blades to be on display! Data: specs. Cord 220 mm 27.5 feet long weight 28KG or 61 lbs. This does not include the hub bar.The hub bar is 5 lbs. The set weight is close to the MTO, little less then an ELA. But the flight stability and strength is far superior. This shows a stress...