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    What is HS

    Have seen several posts which relate around .. 'wouldn't fly without HS' 'you need HS' etc. What is HS ? If I were to guess I'd assume Heading Stabilizer ... but rather ask those who know.
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    Learning outsdie UK

    Just on fact finding .... can you carry out your training overseas and gain your Gyro license outside UK, then 'convert' once you are back home. For example going to the US to pick up a PPL is a hugely cheaper process than in the UK, and can be condensed into a 'holiday trip' Is this an option...
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    Help - Gyros can I build ?

    I am researching what I could build in UK .... from a kit. Much of the information I find seems to be circular .. ... from BRA site " all "new" machines must be sold as kits for assembly by the purchaser and that the builder must do 51% of the construction." Now I know this is not up to...
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    Gyroplane Legislation and Licensing in the United Kingdom

    I'm extremely interested in building a Gyro from a kit, and I'll be honest struggling somewhat to find out what I can build ........ I did come across this link: When I contacted PRA to see if...
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    UK relevant up to date Gyro book?

    I saw on a couple of UK web sites references to the book: An Introduction to Ultralight Gyroplanes by Dave Organ. The way the description were, I thought this was an up to date book covering what is relevant for the UK, what can be built, bought & flown. I was somewhat disappointed to find it...