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    looking for a good used handheld radio and headset

    looking for a good used aviation handheld radio and headset. let me know what you got. send price and pics to [email protected]
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    Mini 500's FOR SALE...

    WOW! anyone need parts?
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    Faa new build forms

    Does, any one know where to obtain the forms and data plate for a new build? I heard there is a new builder processing kit??
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    Air Command Gyro forsale & other cool stuff!!

    Looking to buy a new toy so these items are up for sale... Nice Flying Air Command!! Rotax 503 B-box W/wunderlich prerotator DCSI little over 200hrs 23' Dragon wings (purchased last fall BRAND NEW FROM ERNIE) Upgraded redundant mast, new rotor bearing, large horizontals W/2 degrees neg pitch...
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    Can anyone identify this aircraft

    I can identity most aircraft but this one got me stumped....any ideas?
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    rubber engine mount

    Does anyone know where to find these engine mounts,,,they are not Barry or Lord. It came off a quicksilver aircraft.
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    Something you might be interested in

    Gyrocopter/Gyroplane coasters I recently purchased a laser engraver and started making drink coasters. I just opened an Etsy store today and will be offering a wide variety of engraved items but for now I want to offer some custom coasters with your personal gyro or flying machine. I happened...
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    wanted 23' Skywheels/sport rotors

    looking for a set of reasonably priced 23' McCutchen Skywheels or Sport rotors I thought Gary Goldsberry had some but I can not find the post?? a phone # for Gary or the link would be appreciated.
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    twin miniguns for sale

    I sold my Air Command several weeks ago and the new owner opted out on the miniguns so I removed them and they are up for sale. They are air powered (non-fire arm) and therefore not regulated by the BATF They can fire up to 170RPS @650FPS depending on the input pressure. Right now I have...
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    Original Air Command rudder and items for sale

    Here is an original Air Command rudder and horizontals for sale The rudder is in perfect condition just need washed/waxed. The pivot block however is shot and needs to be replaced. You do not need the pivot block if you are just exchanging rudders. The horizontals can be purchased with it as a...
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    Look what showed up in my hanger

    Dan, brought Phil's Ol gyro down. We are going to go through it and replace a few things. Strange thing is....I just bought some wheel pants and seat cover off phil. No doubt they once were on the very gyro sitting next to mine. What is the chances of that.
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    Scott check your PM
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    still need these items

    Air command wheel pants and AC seat cover for 5 gal tank. Red or black will be fine.
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    I need this part

    I'm hooking up my pre-rotator using a slave cylinder. I need and additional brake plunger like the one here. It was used for several years on the early air commands. Please contact ASAP...thanks Paul
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    Looking for prop and other items

    As the gyro is nearing makeover completion I need the following items. 1-60" RH powerfin prop model B blades (for 582 W/B-box) 2-Air Command wheel pants 3-lower end of prerotator (see pic) 4-need a (red) seat cover for a an original AC seat tank
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    Need help finding this item

    Does any one know where I can get this plastic sleeving that they use on the back of office chairs and what on earth do you call it? convaluted sleeving is what I tried looking up but all I can find is round tubing and I need the rectangular stuff.
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    Air Command makeover

    I decided to redo the Ol Air Command I picked one up earlier in the year that needed a lot of TLC. I was told it had about 40hrs on it but looked more like 4000. The McCutchen blades are like new and the 40hrs may apply for them but the rest of the machine was pretty beat up... I believe some...
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    Will pay cash for Engine

    I am looking for a Rotax 582 BH 200hrs or less hrs Complete with either a B or C box, exhaust, carbs...etc $2500 max I may entertain a 582 GH but not willing to pay near as much.
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    just when you thought you saw it all
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    70" ivo 2bld

    I have a 2bld 70" ivo prop RH less than 40hrs still looks new. very minor nic on trailing edge. $360