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    Gary Bergman in New Zealand

    I'm trying to find Gary Bergman who allegedly built a turbine single helicopter in New Zealand sometime around 2010 - 2016. I messaged Cam Carter but so far without response. Direct email response to [email protected] will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help.
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    Gerdes wheels & brakes

    New complete set of 4" aluminum split wheels and dual puck brakes for mains plus matching split nose wheel with bearings, bolts and spare pucks. $50 plus shipping. Please email [email protected]
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    Visiting Scotland

    Any gyronuts in the vicinity of Edinborough? Will be visiting there the last week of this month and would love to fly over Scotland. I'm also fixed wing and heli rated, so am very flexible. Thanks so much! Brent
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    Visit to Oklahoma

    Just wanted to post a quick note about my visit to Oklahoma over the last week. While there, I was finally able to connect with Paul Patterson at his hangar at the Edmond - Guthrie airport. I have to say that Paul is a prince of a guy. He very patiently led me through a tour of his beautiful...
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    Solo from the left or right?

    I'd appreciate it if anyone can explain why 2-place side-by-side gyros such as the RAF 2000 are posted to solo from the left seat only. It has the same counterclockwise rotor rotation as the Robinson R22 which is restricted to solo from the right seat only. Some clear information will be...
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    Air Command parts

    Is there any interest in a brand new set of 23' McCutheon Skywheels, a couple of Air Command single airframes or a Joe Sousa-built Subaru engine? I'm trying to help an elderly gentleman and would appreciate some feedback. I don't know how much - if anything - these items are worth. Thanks...