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    Dominator seat/gas tank

    Please make offer, will also have to pay In near perfect shape. Coloration is artifact of image compression.
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    Dominator air shocks and rotax mount. - free

    Free but you have to ship.
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    Dominator air shocks/ rotax engine mount. Free.

    Free buy you have to ship.
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    Advice on seats and wind screen for dominator

    Moving on with this build I need a seat. I'm not really a fan of the seat/ tank combo. But it saves weight. Iv seen kirkey used on the gyrotechnic it's great but it's 30 lbs plus tank. On the other end is the comfort light from free bird innovations. It's 7 lbs. Air Technic has fiberglass at...
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    Ideas to save my dominator build

    Well to make a long story short. I can't move my dominator build around any more. It's too tall. Ive been tipping it back to clear the doors but it's getting dangerous. And eventually I'll have a tail. I need to tip the mast lower. I don't want to build a folding mast. Too heavy and complicated...
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    Available rotors discussion.

    Hi everybody. I'm in the market for some rotars. Dragonwings are not available, so I'm looking at my options. Trying to decide if aluminum extruded are a good fit for my dominator single. Option that I know of is : Sport copter extruded Tango - extruded Skywheels, when available- composite...
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    Yamaha motor mounts

    Hi fellow members. I'm reaching out to see if anybody has a cad design for Yamaha motor mounts. I'm building a dominator single with a yg4 . I'm using solid works to design a mount. But I hope others have experience with vibration isolation etc. There were posts from 2017. And I bet there has...
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    old rotor head needed - preferably off of a dominator

    just need this for a project. would be nice but doesn't need to be flight capable.
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    So many Kits to chose from - favorite ?

    I have been looking into many kits, all seem unique and have unique advantages. But for modular kits it would seem without the engine props or rotor or rotor head. I might start on the frame. Kits like that are of the Bee variety. or possibly the dominator. I like the modular kits of the gyro...