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    Key West Airspeed impeller

    I'm looking for the impeller sender for a Key West airspeed indicator. It has a 4 blade impeller that drives it. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582.

    191 hours on aircraft. 191 smoh. 25' 8" cord rotor. E box. 3 blade Warp drive. 6 gal aux tank. 15 total. Radio,landing lights,strobe. Reduced price! 20K If I can figure out how to add pics I will.
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    Sport Copter Vortex 582 rotor tim

    on my Vortex with fixed blades, does anyone know if the trim is adjustable? While flying I need to hold the nose up. Is there an adjustment or do I need to add weight to the rear or add a trim spring? Any info will be appreciated. thanks
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    How robust are Mosquitoes?

    I know they state 500 hour rebuilds. Is that normal? Also are you always tinkering on them to keep them flying? Looking at a Mosquito Air but don't want to have to throw $ at it continually to keep it flying.
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    Why are Rotorway helicopters sold so cheap with so few hours? They look very nice and I would like to own one but am very skeptical. Can someone shed some light?
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    concidering an RAF. Advice?

    I am considering a RAF. I have flown a Bensen, Air Command and now own a Sport Copter. I have also flown a friends RAF. Not sure what to look for in one. I hear some negative comments on RAF's but they look like a nice unit. I live in Minnesota and would be nice to have an enclosed gyro in the...
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    Rotor head maintenance

    I have a Sport Copter Vortex 582. Can someone tell me if there is any lubrication maintenance for the rotor head? I don't see anything in the assembly manual. I emailed Sport Copter and not received an answer. Any info is appreciated. thanks
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    2006 Air Command Elite For Sale. $14,000.00

    Rebuilt 582 Blue Head by Rotax Rick less than 20 hours. 24 ft Dragon Wings brand new. 3 blade Warp Drive. C box. Elec eng monitor. Air speed. Alt. Strobe. Prerotator. Front cowl with windshield. Hyde brakes. 12 gal fuel. Reduced for quick sale. $12,000.00.
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    Sport Copter Vortex winter flying

    Does anyone have the wind deflector on their Sport Copter Vortex? Wondering how well they work. I live in Minnesota and want to stay a little warner. Has anyone made half doors?
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    E Gearbox Starter

    Does anyone know of an alternative for a replacement starter for the E Gearbox? The Bombardier Traxter 498cc 500 Max XT 99-05 looks identical to the one on my Gyro.
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    2006 Air Command Elite

    2006 Air Command Elite. 246 hours. 26 hours on Rotax Rick Rebild. 10 hours on new 24ft Dragon Wings. Strobe, wheel pants, warp drive prop, basic instruments, prerotator, front nose with windshield. N#. Call or text 612-437-6163 for pictures. $16,000.00.
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    Looking for a Sportcopter Vortex 582.

    If anyone knows of someone that has a Sport Copter Vortex for sale with a 582 I'm interested. Text or call. 612-437-6163. Thanks
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    Sportcopter Vortex wanted.

    I'm looking for a Sportcopter Vortex with 582. Live in Minnesota. 612-437-6163. Call or text. thanks
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    Tang Gyro 2

    Does anyone have any information on the Tango Gyro? I spoke with the guy in Georgia. I understand it is made in Russia. It looks like a very nice gyro. I've heard good things about the Yamaha engine. Anybody fly one yet? I kind of changed my mind on an RAF as I want to go Light Sport.
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    Stabilizer versus Stabilator

    Can anyone tell me if the stabilator on an RAF works as well as the horizontal stabilizer on the tail? I am looking into one that doesn't have the horizontal stabilizer but has the electronic stabilator under the rotor.
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    Air Command Elite with Dragon Wings.

    Where is the pivot bolt suppose to pivot? In the two bushings or in the aluminum block? Mine seems to be pivoting in the block and it's showing some wear. Also, there are 4 different holes available. It's in the top hole. Can it be put on any of the others and to what affect? Kind of new to...
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    Sparrow Hawk RAF

    I am looking at a RAF with Sparrow Hawk conversion with 350 hours. Has RAF blades. Anything I should be looking at? How long does the rotor bearing last? RAF blades good?
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    Rotor head bearing

    I don't or can't find much information on the rotor head bearing. I have a Air Command Elite. I really have two questions. One, is there a timeout on the bearing itself? Second, how strong is this assembly? Is there a G ratting? Thanks in advance for any info.
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    Rotor head

    I have another question. Should I be greasing the pivot bolts on my rotor head? I have an Air Command Elite. Also, what maintenance is required on the rotor bearing?
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    Full enclosure

    I have an Air Command Elite. It has the partial enclosure with windshield. Does anyone know of a full enclosure available to adapt to my gyro? Temp is dropping every day up here. Or does anyone know of a full enclosure for sale from something I can adapt? Much appreciated. Thanks