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    Aerodynamic Efficiency: Puller Propeller verses Pusher Propeller?

    the analogy of the submarine is a valid one, Even though the density of water is some 800 times that of air, submarines are faster below than on the surface, this because of the optimised flow while submerged. Pushers will suffer from the disturbance to inlet pressure by the presence of the...
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    Gess it was getn abit touchy.

    dont dig urself deeper into the crap birdy :) whenever you get into trouble things are looking bleak make the training do the work and focus on the job thats the soldiers creed, but its appropriate here and now
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    Right again. This is not funny.

    the force is a strange thing is it not all good things...
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    Get well ...Dragonflyerthom

    get well Thom god speed
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    ah yes sorry that sounds right, they were burners but dam noisy apparently, not that it is that obvious on the promo movie
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    absolutely Brian not troubled by a configuration that cant autorotate in flying trim, and cant land on its wings because the prop diameters poke through the runway only problem with Rotodyne was the pulse jets, thats a resolvable issue that sure wouldnt take 20 yrs to figure out
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    wow 2030, far out makes you think, the Fairey Rotodyne has been gone for decades but could offer substantive improvement and indeed savings on modern platforms programs such as Rotodyne were executed within a few years, but here we are with all out technology, into 20 year programs to get the...
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    indeed some people in the military are very concerned about the growing size of individual helicopters. What they find hard to take is the loss in soldiers when one is brought down. They are much more vulnerable to ground fire/interception than Hercs or other fixed wing alternates, and the...
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    sort of odd that a Chinook would be out your way birdy mostly theyre up in townsville or on deployment we have a very limited heavy lift capability was it desert yellow, because i suspect its the SAS
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    Another tractor different

    i bet pilots have a lot of hand wringing moments thinking about the drive shaft there are carbon fibre drive shafts for rally cars that might be of use they are considerably more robust
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    Explanation needed.

    pretty sure birdy realised that interesting aside development for lower thrust lines though does it mean that the stab isnt very effective at speed ?
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    Horizontal Stabilizer

    not sure i totally like the idea of that i understand the utility of it can be useful but, it would be difficult to be insure the weld totally penetrated the inside being inaccessible, even to inspect not only that, the tube size goes down, not up
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    Canned Air????

    recon there could be a danger of freezing the larynx another danger of punching the tiny capilaries in the lungs out reducing lung capacity over time legalizing any drugs for kids is dangerous their minds are so plastic, while they accommodate the changed state of mind we dont really know what...
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    Tractor Differant

    seems to me there is the opportunity to create a sliding rotor head so that the mechanism can be easily adjusted for CG changes for further research there were two recent tractors of interest one by Chuck B (my favorite) and that small Russian job looked like a composite frame
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    Horizontal Stabilizer

    good plan you absolutely need a moment arm worked out the notion of lengthening is a good one but, theres a but you need to include how thats done, merely lengthening should be out, new tail boom is the go you also need to nail down the thrust and the offset of thrust to CG good luck, great plan
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    News from Iraq

    22yrs makes you a junior and it sounds pretty much like you learned little least of all respect
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    News from Iraq

    i was in Mosul in the months before Christmas 2003 the road up there from Baghdad was about the second most dangerous theyre called MSR's (main supply route) and are just hardened sand When a trooper lost a finger on a wayward vehicle hatch and had to be medivaced back, the boss of the convoy...
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    Interesting experience

    feral are sort of high end mongrel the mongrel both lives longer and is more intelligent, or so the story goes the feral is smart enough to think he can make it alone and usually succeeds over generations they develop into a sort of super-race and live out of reach of normal existence
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    Animal cruelty? PETA? Hmmm

    my dog would give them a run for their money, he dont look all that tasty either :)
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    Iraq photojournalist

    some images from a photojournalist, including a foray in Iraq Iraq is second from left on the bottom, after a presentation which you can skip if you went wrong somehow, click 'Projects'