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    Scratchbuilt Flettner Fl-282 Kolibri, build thread

    Now that was a labor of love.....incredible structural detail and even has the pavement this chopper sits on. Between the great 3D drawings and actual pictures, it would be possible to build one using most of today's available parts and it could fly....if one was not old like me. I have liked...
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    Partially powered rotors from PRA magazine

    I can now better understand how Dick's differential system works. Thank you Chuck! I see that you are still one sharp dude that continues to give out useful information to this group. What sucks is that I on the other hand, will head out to the kitchen or wherever and when I get there, I'm at a...
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    Is anyone flying one of these engines?

    Thank you John for this great find. As soon as I read on their home page that this is a Suzuki G engine, I relaxed. The spec.'s are fine for licenced home-built gyros and most of their spare parts are reasonably priced. If I was at a point beyond this ultra-lite test gyro, I'd buy one of these...
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    Outstanding Bryan! You are a person that sticks to it until it's finished, and this project was not simple.....
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    New family of blade profiles

    Thank you Jean for this interesting blade profile link. It made me feel more confident with my tapered (1/2"/ft.) blades. I was going to use the 0012 profile due to using a swashplate for blade pitch control but this paper showed that the OA-212 can perhaps provide more lift with less rrpm and...
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    Canard ??

    Thank you Norm. My mine sees a standard gimbal rotorhead.....without the feedback offset....but then I'm old. I'll try to find some info on one.
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    Canard ??

    I'm not sure what a "fixed spindle head" is but that may be why a canard works on Phantom's machines. A gimbaled rotorhead and a canard will not safely mix, but an non-gimbal headed rotorhead can work just fine with a large HS. Norm: "My machines that I had a canard on all had a fixed spindle...
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    Most roomy Gyro or 4 seater ?

    It's obvious I'm incapable of getting you to understand what I'm trying to convey, perhaps 'cause both of us have opinions that are too entrenched. Shoot, I cannot even get you to agree that The Predator (which I really like), does not have a semi-rigid rotorhead.....if it did, like the...
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    Most roomy Gyro or 4 seater ?

    Gyro rotorblade manufacture's don't have much design leeway with dreadnought gyroplanes due to the gimbaled rotorhead. If they made their rotors to agree with Cierva's ideal design spec.'s, the rotorhead and blade assemblies would need to be larger and heavier than they are now and they would be...
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    Most roomy Gyro or 4 seater ?

    The Bell Jet Ranger uses a semi-rigid rotorhead and the hub cannot tilt in relation to the rotorshaft. The Bell H-13 (47), like our gyros, uses a gimbaled rotorhead and the hub can tilt in relation to the rotorshaft. Of course these three noted rotorcraft types use a teeter hinge to teeter the...
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    Most roomy Gyro or 4 seater ?

    Wish I knew Wayne.....I think it is an outstandingly good looking machine. I understood that it is a Russian design.
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    Most roomy Gyro or 4 seater ?

    A two-bladed semi-rigid rotor similar to a Bell Jet Ranger would not have a problem with more far more than a 2400 lb gross weight. I would not want, however, to control a that same weight with a large gimbaled headed rotor and blades.....maybe if it had hydraulic assisted cyclic
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    Most roomy Gyro or 4 seater ?

    The two bladed gimbaled rotorhead used in our gyros is about maxed out with a two-place gross weight. This is my favorite four place gyroplane:
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    Cold jet helicopter?

    Here is a cold cycle Pegasus helicopter that I like.....
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    Kellett KD-1 joins the Army

    After watching the Hughes XH-17 tip jet blade video, this video showed up on the right. I found it very interesting.....
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    Flettner FL-282 Helicopter

    I read a article by a Navy Kaman pilot and his love affair with his H-43. As Chuck said, it was an easy flying machine and great for plucking pilots out of the sea, directing its downwash to control deck fires, etc. If it wasn't for the H-43 rotor blade tips being near head level at the sides...
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    Flettner FL-282 Helicopter

    I saved Dave's and Juergen's posted paper's......thank you guys! I've liked the Flettner Fl 282 Kolibri for years because of its neat design and like the Kaman, the fact that it doesn't have or needs a tailrotor. The one thing I would do differently, is to shape the bottom so it doesn't look...
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    An awesome basic idea....all the stuff I like....except that stacked 4-bladed rotor looks like a highly-stressed non-starter to me.
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    We stripped her naked.

    I knew this was your and the Predator's time Vance.....congratulations!!!! Talk about tenacity ;).
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    We stripped her naked.

    I have a feeling that Vance did very well with the oral testing. He definitely knows how to fly the Predator better than anyone so tomorrows testing flight will end up being similar to his previous daily flights. Piece of cake.....