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    Chapter 6 flyin

    Sounds like a plan. See you there. Gary has been coming. He and Richard come together
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    click torques wrenchs

    Great question Tony. Waiting on the answer here in good ol Arkansas.
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    Sport Rotors For Sale

    Great price on this gyro.
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    Chapter 6 flyin

    Just a bump. I will miss my friend who posted as Friendly this year. He was a great friend.
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    Chapter 6 flyin

    Hi guys We will be having our flyin for chapter 6 on November 2nd and 3rd at Russellville, Arkansas. I really hope you will mark your calendars to be there. If you have a project or flying gyro bring it. There will be lots of discussion and people flying. Other slow flyers welcome also. :drum:
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    when not flying what to do?

    Funny Steve. Now I know you would never partake of any of that other stuff. Lol. :wacko:
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    Crack in Rotor Hawk Hub Bar

    Hope this doesn't slow you down Jim
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    Aussie Paul's April 2012 BFR

    I agree with everyone mate. Can't keep a good man down. Congrats Paul
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    Reducing gyro vibrations

    Very interesting read. I have never seen balance bars on two bladed gyros but they are used quite frequently on helis. I'm wondering if this could be used on an unpowered system.
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    RAF 2000 Gyroplane,Need advice/info Please,Looking at buying this incomplete Project

    Better latch on to a RAF for 24k. New kit with import tax and all will cost twice that. And you will need to build it. This is a little high for parts but the cabin is cool. I saw one at Mentone year before last. Flew really good.
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    Bastrop flyin

    Nice pictures everyone. Mark those are really graphic and impressive. Hope to see all of you guys again soon.
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    Bastrop flyin

    Thanks to the members of chapter 6 and 20 the fly in was really great. I think Bastrop is becoming one of the premier events of the year. Everyone flew safe and there weren't any fights. Just joking. I found everyone very helpful and informative. Just a great bunch of guys. I would like to...
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    New awesome technology

    That's when someone takes a dump in your yard you take the pooper scooper out collect the poo and shake his hand or give him some tp. Lol
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    Motor rpm dropping in flight

    Is your ignition electronic? Does sound like fuel or carb. Good luck.
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    Plane hits Ferris wheel in Australia; no one is injured

    I am soo thankful only one person injured.
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    Neat Historical Video (FW) for Kerosene Heads.....

    Really neat. See how far we have come.
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    Royal picture

    Probably needs new carpet.
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    Bastrop flyin

    I need to decide if I'm flying my gyro or my Plane. It will depend on the winds and the weather. If the two aren't right I will drive down. But I will be there Saturday for sure.
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    Do like Native American Music?

    I understand totally. Me too.
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    9/24/11 a bad day.

    So sorry for the loss of another pilot. Just reinforces the fact that aviation is or could be dangerous to any of us at any time. My condolences to his family.