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    I flew it once. It was scary. I weighed more than it did. It had no penetration. You had to stand on the rudder pedals and against the seat belt to get it to come down. If I scratched my nose with my left hand it would turn left. I never flew it again. I was used my gyro at the time it felt much...
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    Dominator plans

    He has no more plans period. He hasn’t had any printed in years. The plans were very old and out dated.
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    Dominator plans

    he had a three inch extrusion made and before that he glued a one by two to a two by two.
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    Dominator plans

    Well I apologize I must have taken this the wrong way. That’s the problem with text no way to know the way someone is saying something. I wish you luck with your build. Once again I’m sorry.
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    Dominator plans

    I have a career that I have been at for 21 years and have 8.5 years to get my pension. Not to mention the only way to make a small fortune in the gyro business is to start with a big one.
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    Dominator plans

    Well that person was told by my dad that he’s retired then he goes on here and says he left everyone an orphan. What should my response should be? Give me a break. My dad has worked his ass off making this sport safer for everyone then he gets accused of leaving everyone high and dry.
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    Dominator plans

    So do you expect him to never retire? He’s 69 years old should he keep making parts until he’s in a wheel chair? WTF how about you work that long at your job. I think not. He offered it for sale for a long time and no one thought it was worth what he was asking. Why don’t your start your own...
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    Dragon wing status

    Buyer beware. My dad is no longer associated with Luminati Aerospace. They have decided to default on the payment schedule agreed to in the contract to buy Dragon Wings manufacturing rights. Therefore dad has severed ties with them and their CEO. The future is uncertain. Just be aware they will...
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    Latest news regarding Dargon Wings.

    Abid, First of all sir. I consider you a friend however let’s get a couple of things straight. I was there when Greg test flew my Dad’s new Big blades. They are not the standard DW’s. They are a different airfoil and are heavier. In fact I rode with Greg in your machine and it flew very good on...
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    My rebuild

    I came across this thread today. Just an update. I now have 95 hours on the machine. I try to fly almost every Sunday. I keep her at Wauchula and special thanks to Slow Joe he helps me keep her in the air. I have gained a lot of the weight back but machine is stull gppd to fly me. It performs...
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    Early Dragon Wings ???

    Interesting what is the serial number on those blades?
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    As seen from above

    One white one black. The black blade disappears to the eye. It will force you to look at it because it looks like you only have one blade. Dad had this years ago and fixed wing pilot got angry with him. He said it was very distracting dad said you saw me right then it did its job.
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    Compensating for 'P' factor

    Mike, The Tall Tail is the best at eliminating Pfactor. It works is there a reason your going away from it?
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    Recent Dominator purchase, first flight

    You do the same thing I do. I put my feet on the brakes and it drives dad nuts. He says they are heel brakes. I can't use them that way. Btw carry a little more airspeed and the rudder works fine full power off. Nice flight though.
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    Chinese to Copy Air & Space 18A ??

    It's pretty cool to hear that machine ended up in the hands of someone so pationaye. Good luck sir I would love to see it take flight once more.
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    Shortening a Warp Drive

    I got caught in a pretty good rain going to Dad's from Wauchula and I was glad I had the nickle leading edge.
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    How many hours to solo a gyroplane?

    I took 20 years. I took my first ride in Dad's lap at age Four. He didn't let me solo until I was 24. I soloed at Arcadia Florida in his 618 powered Dominator. It was amazing. He said the reason he wouldn't let me solo earlier is my judgement. Was not good. I am a natural at operating machinery...
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    Gyro Santa article in PRA

    I actually saw a news story on that gyro when I was a teenager. Looked pretty dangerous to me. I would think it would want to swap ends. Too little rudder for all of that side area.
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    RFD Rotorhead

    Yours should be good just needs new bearings and bolts unless something is seriously bent.
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    4 Bladed Ultra prop

    Dave I respect you sir but I would have to see that for myself.