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    Chapter 6 flyin

    Hi guys We will be having our flyin for chapter 6 on November 2nd and 3rd at Russellville, Arkansas. I really hope you will mark your calendars to be there. If you have a project or flying gyro bring it. There will be lots of discussion and people flying. Other slow flyers welcome also. :drum:
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    Hunting season(bow) starts Oct 1.

    Bow season starts Oct 1 here in Arkansas. Now I really don't need to hunt but this is eating organically or as close as I want to be. I have hogs, milk goats and I just took a cow to the butcher. I am blessed to have some land to do this with. It's all about feeding my family. Good luck if...
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    Do like Native American Music?

    I needed to find some type of music to go along with my flying Videos and YouTube will not allow any copy righted music unless I have permission or own the rights. So I have been learning how to play the Native American Flute. Return to Echo Cayon - YouTube This is New. I posted it this...
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    RAF for Sale

    Ok guys I am wanting to sell my RAF to finance an other gyro project. I have a price in my head of $35000 OBO. If you are interesed PM me. My gyro is highly modified. So who ever get the Dragonflyer will be very happy.
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    Bastrop flyin

    Chapter 20 is hosting a flyin the second weekend in October 13-15. I plan on going so I hope to see you there. If you need info call me at my cell phone or text me. Pm me for the numbers. I am on Facebook as Thomas Francis so send me a friend request and I will approve you if I know you.
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    The new iPhone

    Hey guys Casey(N788T). Has just turned me on to all of the newer stuff you can do with an iPhone. The really ne'er stuff like live weather, aviation gps, an app called iHud, fore flight for flight planning, and much more than I can list..many are free.* The iHud looks like a mult- Gage glass...
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    Sonerai II LT Flight 225

    This is not a Gyro flight but it was fun for me. Just thought I would share with you guys. Here is the video link. Stan get your popcorn, and a drink.
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    The Landing you never want to see(Not a Gyro)

    I have been flying since 1985 and I have never done one as bad as Sunday. I had a camera on board so it is recorded and posted for posterity. YouTube - First Bad Landing I know I don't want to ever do this again. I have always said if I can't fly any longer I would give aviation up. Hope...
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    First Fly-In for Chapter 6 in 2011

    O.K. Guys I am starting to organize our first 2011 Fly in. Virgil at the FBO in Magnolia, Arkansas has agreed to host this event. The thing that will make this one different than any of our other fly in is that it will be Friday the 29 and Saturday the 30th of April. If you need a condition...
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    Ikenga 530 Z

    I found this in my email today. I thought I would share with you that is if you haven't seen it before. YouTube - Ikenga 530Z Autogiro - First Enjoy.
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    Freedom to fly

    Hi Guys I was just wondering about the freedom to fly in different parts of the world. What are the limitations in country where you live? I know that we seem to just be limited in the densely populated areas above 500 meters. Other than that we can do what every our license sayS we can...
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    You Tube tour of the space station

    I don't know if this has been posted yet but it is a very interesting vid.
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    Zenith Updraft Carburator

    Does anyone know about the float system on the Zenith Carb? How much room does it have to have between the full closed and the wide open in the float bowl? This is an updraft system on a VW Mosler conversion.
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    Experimental Sonerai Formula Vee

    Does anyone know much about this aircraft. I have a lead on one. I think this could be my faster mode of transportation.
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    Who is responsible for it

    I was sent this email and thought it would be appropriate for us on the forum. Each of us as voters are responsible for much of this Read this slowly, let it sink in, VOTE in November This is about as clear and easy to understand as it can be – please read it!!(all the way to the...
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    We have a delima at Chapter 6

    We have been invited to have not one but two flyins in October. The first will be at Petitt Jean Mountain to fly with PPCs. This will be a Mountain top Flyin. It has always been a great place to fly gyros. From the airport the mountain falls off 1000 ft to the valley floor. The dates are...
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    RAF for sale on Barnstormers

    I was just on Barnstormers and found this RAF for sale. I don't know anything about this a/c or the builder but it hasn't been modified. Says that it is like new but why???? The price is really low for this, I'm wondering how many hours it has on the hobbs...
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    Those who can, fly Gyros.

    Those who can't stir the pot on the Forum. I have noticed that recently this seems to be the norm. We now have young and old pilots who believe they don't need or can't afford training. After all the advances we have made on stability issues, training, affording a gyro, we seem to be on...
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    Redrive for a Soobi 2.2

    I was wondering if anyone has a redrive for a Soob 2.2. I prefer 2.l to one but a 2.47 to l will work I think. Please PM me or post on this thread. This is for a project I'm working on.
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    June Fly In and Chapter Meeting

    Hey Guys and Gals Mark June 26 down on your calender for a Fly In and Meeting at Gurdon, Arkansas. This should be a great Social and learning experience. There will be notice placed at the PRA web site. We will have lots of room to fly and it is a very private airport. Very little...