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    Gyro Santa article in PRA

    I found the pictures Don wants in the May 1989 issue. Soon as I can figure out how to send them to him. Bruce
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    Gyro Santa article in PRA

    gyro santa gyro santa Tom, I think that gyro was the one I built, round tubes similar to air command. I sold it to a guy, I think was from florida that told me he was going to make a santa sleigh out of it. Bruce
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    President trump

    The first "TRUMP". Be careful what you wish for, you might just GET IT. I voted for Trump because I was fed up with what we had and Trump was saying all the right stuff. Now comes the doing what he said. If he dosn't put Clinton in jail he is just another bull****ter. I would also like to...
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    What is the regulation as to following wildlife on your gyro

    Never fly down close to a flock of wild turkeys, they all wait until you are about 100' away before they all get airborne. Turkeys everywhere, all around you.
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    Trade Blades

    Hi, I would like to trade my 22' Dragon wings for a set of McCutchen sky wheels rotor blades. My blades are in excellent condition, I've been flying them for about 4 years. I will be at Mentone. Bruce
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    Bensendays pics

    It's Larry Boyer, Lookin Kool in his RAF.
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    CLT Air Command Brakes

    Anyone who has a Black Max set up care to share what they are using and what they like or dis like about Hand vs. independent foot brakes? My gyro has non-castering front I have the black max main wheel brakes on my KB3, I took the nose wheel brake off. The Brake lever is...
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    Trillions of dollers.

    The automobile was created by man out of the dust of the earth, it was given the ability to move about according to man's needs, then man kept improving it into what we have today and the process continues. Looks to me like it was created and then evolved with man's help. I heard that soon our...
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    Trillions of dollers.

    Question, Was the automobile created or did it evolve?
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    Happy Birthday Bruce Santella!

    Thank you Vance, I never thought I would make it to 70. Gyrocopters and the gyro "rotorcraft" people have been a very important part of my life. Bruce
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    My rebuild

    Mike, I never had any long talks with you but I have always enjoyed your company as camping neighbors. Good luck with your new self and tell Russ I said hello. Bruce
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    just wanted everyone to know

    Can't walk can't fly. No Mentone this year, probably won't evan try walking until late Aug. I can still mow my runway and if I could bend my foot to work the rudder pedal I would try.
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    State Sales Tax

    In Pa. there are no taxes on rotorcraft or parts. The state sent me a tax bill for the MZ202 engine that came form Canada and I had to point this exemption out to them. They asked me to prove the engine was for my gyro, I sent them pictures and they canceled the bill.
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    just wanted everyone to know

    I have to tell you about this. When I hit the ground right beside a stump I rolled around trying to breath for about 20 Minutes and by then the pain was everywhere, leg, back arm and finger dark red blood coming out of my mouth, I bit my tong and it was swelling up shutting off my air. I...
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    just wanted everyone to know

    hay Bryan, how are you doing ? I expected to see you at last week's fathers day fly in at Shreveport north. Larry , Park, Steve, Bob and Cliff. We all flew and had a good time. My lawn mowing wheelchair is giving me trouble with starting, I have to blow air into the line to get it...
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    Looking for rotorcraft ACTION pictures

    action picture action picture hey John, The action here was throwing an egg at Stan. "I missed"
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    Ultra-Ever Dry hydrophobic coating repels almost any liquid

    I did a Google search, it is sold as basement waterproofing and it is expensive stuff, about $35.00 a bottle. Hey Bryan, I'm still around waiting for some flying weather. I won't be going to Bensen days this year.
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    Ultra-Ever Dry hydrophobic coating repels almost any liquid

    Jack & Bucky Jack & Bucky Hey: I wonder if I could spray my two Beagles with this before they go up the creek to play?
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    Mobile Home moving service

    I was thinking about moving a mobile home and I found this.
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    Gun show insanely packed

    Stan, I've been to a few gun shows over the years here in Pa. and they were always like that. I don't think they are all buying guns, I got some good bargains on scopes slings and ammo and other stuff us gun nuts like. I've never needed to use a gun for protection, "hope I never do". Good...