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    vette C8

    If you are in SA, why not get a Superformance GT40? Talk about a mid engine flying machine! full disclosure: I am not a chevy supporter having taken them to mediation under lemon law before...and won.
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    Some thoughts on gyroplane flight instruction.

    I guess I am a lucky anomoly...self taught in hanggliders at a youngish age...15 or so (1975). Private pilot at 17 in 1977. Got interested in gyros in 1981 or so. I self taught in a Bensen I found in the high desert (Leo Boatright was the previous owner's name) after rebuilding it. I was...
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    Early 1990s AS18 and Farrington brochures

    I found this while I was moving to a new house...I am pegging them around the early 1990s as that is when I was flying my Bensen and I found a AS18A near El Mirage that I was interested in.
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    Here is another thought - try using a heat gun and seeing if you can duplicate the failure through heat alone (taking the other variables like vibration out of the equation). My first reaction/guess upon reading your symptoms was a possible cold solder joint inside the instrument. My...
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    A contender...

    I really appreciate the insight and the offer Ron. Mike
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    A contender...

    Thank you for the is added to my list to further investigate. I really appreciate it.
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    A contender...

    I am a survivor of the self taught generation - building and flying a Bensen back in the late 1980s at El Mirage. My little craft was first VW powered and then MAC 72 powered. I had a blast. I have been flying fixed wing before that and ever since. Now I am retiring and looking to change my...
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    Time capsule found - PRA magazines from 1989 - 2000

    Wow, time has flown...I still have all my magazines and can probably fill in what you are missing. Any ideas what those issues would be?
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    My opinion of the best way to fly the pattern at a non-towered airport.

    As a fixed winger flying a Cirrus SR22, I am looking at my pattern, or there abouts, for traffic. In one of my home fields (KCNO - Chino, CA) they land rotorcraft at a different (crossing) runway. Not always easy to spot. I am doing 100kts downwind. Someone must have decided this is best...
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    Well done Sir! Beautiful.
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    McCulloch J2 Flight Manual PDF

    A google search found this right it what you are looking for?
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    Dta j-ro

    Please do!
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    Dta j-ro

    Does anyone have direct knowledge or experience with this French design or company? It looks interesting to me. Thanks.
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    Arrow-Copter for Mission from Madison, WI to NYC

    PM sent atmhobby!
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    P-51 mustang flies into ATL for restoration

    one opportunity to fly in a P-51 is in So California at Chino Aiport Planes of Fame museum. I did it and it was reasonable. Highly recommended!
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    Aerials for an Ad I shot

    That was not me Kevin. If you pass through through the area again, I would more than happy to meet you and talk flying. Currently, beside fixed wing flying and building my Rans S16 sportplane, I am getting back into hanggliding. I also talk cars by the way. Mike
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    Aerials for an Ad I shot

    Strange but true. I lived part of my younger life in Salem and Bend. Southern Oregon is the best (for me).
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    Aerials for an Ad I shot

    Our little secret! For another great drive (there are sooo many here), go to Ashland and take exit 14 off I5 to the east. Take Dead Indian Memorial drive up to Howard Prarie lake or Lake of the Woods. If you ride a motorcycle, even better. The weather here is just a little wetter (maybe 17...
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    Aerials for an Ad I shot

    I mean the Applegate Valley outside J-ville and Ruch...where I live...a very nice little micro climate here... You guys to the west take all our rain from us and the bowl that is the Rogue Valley has worse weather than us most days (as does the Grants Pass area). Mike
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    Aerials for an Ad I shot

    And less than either in between (Applegate Valley)!