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    The forum is in decline; why?

    1) I agree with the comments made above as valid reasons the forum has declined. 2) Another reason for the site's decline is failure to implement "HTTPS". Anyone using the Chrome browser (most popular browser with 65% market share) gets a scary warning the following message with red banners...
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    motor sidewinder

    Good discussion of this motor below but still do not know weight of the engine itself.
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    Rotor Sock

    Just a thought... You might try a rifle gun sock. Available through Walmart for under $7 with string to secure it.
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    RotorSchmiede VA115 First Flight - Coxial

    Please open the PDF attachment for further details on VA115's "Permit to Fly" issued by the German Government. I have been watching the progress of this one fairly closely and like it better than the Russian Aeromechanics's single place coaxial. Not sure how to add two links to the same post...
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    camera shutter speed matches helicopter`s rotor
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    Mad Max Road Warrior

    A quick Google search came up with the following -
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    Turkish Airlines DIY De-Icing Method
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    Electric helicopter

    Yuneec Coaxial Electronic Electronic Helicopter from China is another recent example in flight testing - A good summary of future battery tech can be found on Pocket-lint "Future batteries, coming soon: charge in seconds, last months and power over the...
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    Server is busy, try again later

    There are ways to defend against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) however it does cost money. One such company is list below - Another link on Four Ways to Defend Against DDoS -...
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    Affordable air conditioning for light aircraft?

    Well..., it does not seem most of the reply posts think much about this device but for $350 (initial offering) you get - "Zero Breeze uses rotary compression refrigeration technology along with an "environmentally- and ozone-friendly" Dupont R-134a refrigerant. Since the system is closed, users...
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    Affordable air conditioning for light aircraft?

    This is a kickstarter campaign but the prototype looks pretty far along with production coming in March of 2017.
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    No More Ethanol!

    Everyone may be aware of this but you can buy Ethanol free gas. The following is a website that lists Ethanol free gas by state. I just purchased 10 gallons yesterday at $3.30 a gallon rated at 91 octane.
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    PAL-V Flight Simulator and specifications

    It's also going into world wide production in 2018 including the US market but at $600K, it will not be affordable for most of us. Press Release -
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    PAL-V Flight Simulator and specifications Specifications -
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    FAA wants to overhaul Certification Standards for Small Airplanes

    FAA TV: Revitalizing General Aviation: The Future Part 23
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    FAA wants to overhaul Certification Standards for Small Airplanes

    I have learned after several posts in this forum that Hillberg has no room for anyone else's opinion besides his own. Even if you have facts to support your position, you might as well be pissing in the wind. I do see this as a step in the right direction as I started with this post. To...
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    FAA wants to overhaul Certification Standards for Small Airplanes

    Here is a step in the right direction...
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    Ehang 184 drone could carry you away one day
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    Pre-heating an engine????

    How about a magnetic block heater -
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    A Case for an Electric Gyroplane Seaplane

    All industrialized countries in the world are working on the battery power density limitations. Please note the following development published in Forbes on Oct., 31st, 2015 titled "Lithium-Air Battery Breakthrough May Mean Game Over For Gasoline" from Cambridge University...