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    What is the regulation as to following wildlife on your gyro

    And here in sunny south florida the ranchers will shoot your butt !
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    Sunstate Calendars 2016

    And had major heart surgery,triple by pass, and quit smoking [thank god for that] and he will still do more than a lot of us with this kind of happingings in his life ! also his split pea soup did not taste good !:sorry:
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    Another PRA member/chapter benefit!!!!

    Is this a loaner or a keeper for the club ?
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    Jake is a tough old fart ! He will beat this , as he has beat all the other odds in his life . Take care my friend !
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    The good thing of all this is he will quit the smoking now Thanks for that !
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    A Low Flight To Crow Island

    Seat belt is no good whatever in a crash bolted to theback of the seat . It will hold the body in the seat in case of a accident I suppose !
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    Dean Dolph is in the hospital

    My prayers and hope is for you Dean.I hope for a Speedy recovery
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    Bad take off!

    Who let him out of the rocking chair ? That is where he belonged !
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    I think that you may have been flying the gyro, Right ? Do I win prize ?
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    Discusting Private Message

    I feel left out I did not get anything I feel like a red headed step child ! They must know that I am way to old !
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    Loris House stairway

    Just beautiful Stan, Just beautiful
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    Bensen Day's, The Movie

    Yes this is 2014
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    Dug up some oldies

    Thank you Heron, brings back some good memories !
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    Forgot it was a warp drive 68" prop.
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    More power, more thrust, more of everything. I had a "sub four" redrive on mine and WOW at the difference !
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    Mac Plug Question

    I used the champion d27
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    Happy Birthday Edna Breese!

    A very happy birthday Edna !
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    Here we go again !!

    Picture #3 looks as if you have a step stoopl for me to mount the beast !!
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    Happy Birthday Vance

    Happy birthday Vance, Many more good ones
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    Bensen for a beginner

    The most of us "old" folks started with a bensen with a "Mac" and no prerotator ,hand started the engines. Just according to how careful you are with what you do. If you are careful and approach the bensen with the right attitude and care and you should be fine. If you are one of those "hot...