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    A new take on ultra-light gyroplane

    Jonsu, Do you have more information on the gyro in the picture you posted?
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    Yamaha 2008 Vector Engine package - 120 hp - FOR SALE

    William Langford has developed this PSRU adapter for the Yamaha engine (3cyl) and the Hirth gearbox. People have asked about gearbox adapter info. He also has a clutch and told me in the past he could use other gearboxes on his adapter. Contact him for details. He's on the FB "Yamaha...
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    Yamaha 2008 Vector Engine package - 120 hp - FOR SALE

    2008 Yamaha Vector Engine Package - 973cc 3-cylinder Carburetor version includes engine, wire harness, instrument cluster, ECU, coil packs, airbox, oil tank, everything you see in the pictures. Low miles 5k --- $1800 cash - originally purchased from Travis @ Barn of Parts --- no trades or swaps...
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    Rotorway Scoripon One Helicopter

    Does any one ever run across these anymore ... would like to find an unwrecked frame and fiberglass full body along with other parts for static display ... engine not necessary but blades and drive system would be nice.
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    Electric Starter for Rotax 503

    Brian, Tried to PM you but your box is at its limit --- can you PM me with your phone # so we can talk - Thanks.
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    Electric Starter for Rotax 503

    Looked at the pictures ... GPL Starter ... complete kit new from GPL for a 503 is $560
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    Electric Starter for Rotax 503

    How much? Is it original Rotax style starter or GPL style? Can you post pics? Thanks
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    Mini 500's FOR SALE...

    Everyone is so quick to judge and bash ... but most who are bashing have never designed, manufactured, tried to bring to market anything ... you can never fail if you never try and if you never try then you can never be judged or bashed ... it's safe to sit on the sidelines and throw stones ...
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    Bandit Gyrocopter

    Post is diverging ... I'm just trying to reach this Dan person who posted on Craigslist with the Bandit ... so any help in that direction would be appreciated.
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    Bandit Gyrocopter There is a Bandit Gyrocopter listed on Craigslist in Redding California ... have tried emailing, texting, calling (get message that user is not accepting calls at this time) ... does anyone possibility know who this person is? Ad says name is...
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    Air Command Gyro

    Gyro has been SOLD - Thanks everyone!
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    Mini-500 parts need it

    KM500 is buying my leftover parts. --- Update 11/14/16 -- he was suppose to be here to pick up parts 3 different times -- no show -- but always has excuse ....
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    Air Command Gyro

    Kansas City is not that far away ... I've traveled to South Carolina to pickup an airplane ... there and back in under 3 days
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    Air Command Gyro

    Single ignition
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    Air Command Gyro

    No I wasn't the builder ... read post #1 of thread for the gyro details
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    Air Command Gyro

    still waiting for a new home
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    Rotax electric starter

    Rambler, Which model/part# on the GPL? They make different ones for different engines ... how much? Thanks
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    Air Command Side by Side Dual Stick assembly

    Dual Stick Dual Stick Probably ... removing the second stick is just the stick and a small channel bracket bolted to the single stick bracket .... but not an expert on this