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    Advice on moving my new machine.

    Recently, I bought a new milling machine and it has taken me a while to prepare an area for it. Now I need to move it from the garage into my shop, about 30 feet, to it's stand. My question is how to move this 400 pound machine without breaking it? I had used an engine hoist for my lathe...
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    C/V joint question.

    Could there be any advantage by using a C/V joint other than a 90* gearbox?
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    How much hp and torque does a starter motor generate when used a pre-rotator?
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    Chinese Attack helicopter

    I was reading on line today and noticed how much the new Chinese Z10 attack helicopter looks like the Agusta A129 Mangusta. More stolen technology!
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    Airflow question

    I've been reading about the down flow loads on a helo's ariframe. I have also read here on the forum about putting cabins on gyros with bad results. What are the effects of airflow up through the rotor with cabins attached and is a function of the rotor height above the cabin? My testing has...
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    Hinge offset question

    What is the effect on a rotor with a larger than normal flapping hinge offset? I intended to use the "rule of thumb" of 2% of the rotor radius but mechanically it doesn't fit the hub. It's a matter of using 4 inches from shaft center instead of the correct distance of 2.76 inches.:noidea:
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    Physics question

    When an object is suspended from two points, what is the weight suspended at each point? If I remember correctly, it's a 100%. Is this correct?
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    Good Bye Comair

    The local news, in Cincinnati, just announced the closing of Comair Airlines. 1700 employees will be let-go in the third week of September per a Delta Airline spokesman. DAL indicated that it was purely a business decision and has nothing to do with Comair operation or performance. My heart...
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    Physics question

    When figuring for torque T= Hp x rpm/5252. How would you calculate the hp of a free turning gyro rotor?:noidea:
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    Cold cycle rotors discussion.

    Does anyone have any information about the cold cycle rotors used on aircraft like the Voljet or Djinn helicopters?
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    controls question

    How was the four bladed gyros ( double teetering hinge variety) controlled? Did it use a swashplate or gimbal to control it?:confused:
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    Rotor blade flutter

    This morning's test was interesting because I was getting flutter. These blades were the ones I put on my jointer to remove the up reflex and to make the bottoms flat. It sounded like a baseball card in the bicycle spokes before they failed. I have never had blades fail like this other than...
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    rotor blade question

    What the pros and cons of having the pitch horn on the trailing edge of the rotor blades?
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    Blade reflex

    Could someone please explain blade reflex to me. I know that it's the upturned part of the trailing edge of the blade but what determines it's use and amounts?:yo:
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    A question for Chuck Beaty.

    Chuck, On your three bladed helicopter head, what material was it made looks like it might be fiber glass? If it was, was it built to be rigid or soft in plane. Next question; What did you use for your drag dampers? Thanks!
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    Apology to mentone attendees

    During the banquet on Saturday evening I made a horrible mistake. I resorted to very borish behavior to a member who I had mistaken for someone else and was perfectly innocent. To you sir, you and all sitting at your table have my deepest heartfelt and humble apology for my behavior. As a...
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    A dumb question.

    Where do you attach the tow line? Would it be where an engine thrust line would be or does it matter?
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    Russian Helicopter Industry

    I read an article, today, that is very interesting. The article states, that the Russian government is buying up controlling interest in all of it's helicopter manufacturers in an attempt to modernize it's helicopter fleets. The government also announced that it would be retiring the Mi-24...
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    Hydraulics for dummies!

    I'm thinking about driving my prerotater by hydaulics and a small engine. Would partial power be worth the effort.:noidea:
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    Sad News!

    I have just read that Charles Kaman passed away on the 31st of January. He's one the people who made the American helicopter industry we know today. God Bless!