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    Rotax 532 full throttle skipping

    My hanger mate has a 532 rotax single ignition, bing 54 carburetors that seems to have a skip when at full throttle or near full throttle. Starts easily and runs at 5000 rpm with no skipping. Any advise on what to look at? Thanks, Mike
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    HS on a CLT machine-in the prop wash or down below?

    I was having a discussion with a friend and the topic was about whether or not a horizontal stabilizer was less effective in the prop stream on a center line thrust gyro. It was assumed that the HS had an airfoil shape and had a zero angle of incidence to the prop stream. His argument was that...
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    7.6 gal snowbird seat tank

    I have for sale a 7.6 Gal Snobird seat tank. It is the heavy walled version (it does not make the squishing sound when you sit on it). It has aluminum/brass tank fittings (not the push in type). It has a site fuel gage and a valve at the sump. I also have a Calumetair Seatcover. Tank $150...
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    Another Sport Pilot-Gyro joins the ranks

    It's official, I'm a sport pilot-gyro. This past Tuesday, Sept. 10th, Ron Menzie signed my Sport Pilot-Gyro ticket. I finally completed the first part of my 3 year project to become a gyro pilot. It took a lot of work and determination, but most things in life require it! I want to thank Ron...
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    My first "Cross-Country"

    Last weekend I attended the annual Yankee Ultralight flyers flyin in Greenland, NH. It was hot and humid but it was a blast. I happened to be the only rotorcraft there this year, Gyros can sure attract attention! A group of us flew to Hampton field, a nearby airfield for breakfast Saturday...
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    Late summer practice

    Just about to put the gyro up for the winter and had some time to post some video of me training on my gyro. It's going to be a long winter! (Maybe I'll get a snowmobile suit and fly in cooler air?) Low level flight with crosswind - YouTube low flight - YouTube
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    A moments inattention

    I've been cleared for crow hops and low level flights over the runway and have been taking every opportunity for practice I can get. I'm getting comfortable with take offs and landing and taxing. I was at the airport today practicing simulated engine outs like it was my job! There was a 7...
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    MZ 202 ignition

    I'm in the process of practicing my taxi/ground work and balancing on the mains and I thought I give the forum an update on the MZ 202 engine and it's ignition system. When you get a new MZ 202, it is supplied with a regulator that requires a battery as a power source to keep it running. If...
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    MZ 202 Jetting

    My home airport will be KLCI which is at 545 ft MSL and the typical flying temperatures in the summer is about 65 to 80 degrees F. My MZ 202 was shipped with 195 main jets and 2.76 needle jets. I suspect that these will be too rich. What are other MZ 202 owners using and at what altitude? I...
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    cheek plate question

    After I hang tested my gyro and built my cheek plates, I discovered that my goped prerotator drive shaft will not clear the mast/cheek plate. I moved the upper bendix unit with a 1.25 in square tube spacer but still need to reduce the size of the starboard cheek plate. The narrowest point is 3...
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    Which clear finish for brushed aluminum?

    My gyro is apart for painting (it's really surprising to see how little room it takes up when completely apart!) and plan to put a clear finish on all my plate stock, i.e. Keel,mast,rotorhead plates etc., and would like to know which finish would provide the best,easiest, non yellowing coating...
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    Oil for MZ 202

    I've just received a new MZ 202 engine and I am having trouble finding a source for the Castrol TTS 100% synthetic 2 stroke oil that the manufacturer recommends. Is it officially being discontinued? If so, what is the new recommendation? Can't run it until I find the right oil. Any help is...
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    Which helmet microphone?

    I'm trying to rig a motorcycle helmet with a microphone and headset. I currently have a handheld Icom A24 Radio with an adapter for a ga headset. I want to wire in a PTT switch in the cyclic. I will be using the CEP headset (headphones) but I don't know which microphone to use. I'm not...
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    Anisoptera is on the way

    Well it's time I share my new adventure. (my wife calls it my mid life crisis!) I have been reading everything I can about gyros on the forum, PRA website, EAA website, google searches, you name it, I've probably read it! This forum has been an unbelievable source of information. I've been a...
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    On-line ground school

    I've signed up for the on-line ground school that Tim O'Connor will be instructing, but haven't heard any follow up about how to pay and participate in the class. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks in advance, Mike