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    New Gyro

    New gyro by Trixy anyone else see anything wrong with this?
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    Flash back to me flying at Mentone 2016
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    Going to Mentone

    Just FYI Dad, Connie and I will be leaving for Mentone on the 16 the of July arriving on the 17th. If anyone needs any blades or parts please feel free to place an order now and avoid shipping costs. Boxes for blades are extra. All orders must be paid in full before delivery as many have...
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    Lost a Good Gyro guy today

    We lost an awesome gyro/mosquito pilot today. Reed Somburg of Jupiter Florida lost his battle with cancer. Dad informed me that he passed away at around 4PM this afternoon. I'm not sure what his handle on here was. He posted on here occasionally. He has many videos on youtube of him flying his...
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    24 Foot Dragon Wings For Sale

    I have a set of Dragon Wings that I would like to sell. The blades are reflexed with rivets in the trailing edge. They are lighter than a standard set due to only having half a tipweight in each blade. The blades have less than 150 hrs on them. I would like to get $950.00 if you pick them up. If...
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    My rebuild

    As most of you may know I recently had lap Band surgery. I did this with one goal in mind to fly again. Most have never even seen me fly or let alone knew I had a machine. It has been 13 years since I flew my machine. Now that I have lost 95 lbs its time to get back in the air. Dad and I are...
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    My experience with Rotax Rick

    Just got back from picking my rebuilt 670 from Rick. The whole experience has been a pleasurable one. He had the engine a little over two weeks. I was surprised that he was able to get it done so fast. If the engine performs as advertised I will be very happy. Thanks Rick!
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    New Viking Powered Dominator

    This is a machine a customer just finished. He has 39K invested. Thats a completed machine as you see for just a little more than a Rotax 914 costs. I hope you all enjoy.
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    For Sale for pick up at Bensen Days

    Russ King wanted me to post this for him. He has a gently used set of Dragon Wings. They are 24' The price is $1400.00. He also has a used wooden Tall Tail in Dominator colors. The tail is for a machine with a 68"prop. The price for the tail is $450.00
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    Bad News For Matt Kenseth

    Stan's favorite driver is loosing DeWalt as his sponsor next year. The company blamed the slowdown in new home construction. I saw this on the news and thought of you Stan. Sorry Buddy I guess one stairbuilder doesn't buy enough tools to suppot a car even if I am sure you try.
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    New Gyro I found on you tube.

    This was on you tube. It is a nice looking machine. It kinda looks like the new Magni only CLT. Anyone know anything about it. It looks like it was filmed in either Austrailia or maybe South Africa?
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    Bensen Days

    Looking for someone to share a room at the Best Western during Bensen Days.
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    Rotor Flight is not going out of business

    For those who misinterpreted my posts lately, Dad's business is fine. He is not going out of business. He is just a little slow like everyone is. Times are lean for everyone and, the gyro/rotorblade business is not exempt. Dad will continue to supply all that need parts. So if you need some give...
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    I got laser eye sergery today

    Today I went under the laser to correct my being nearsighted.:laser: The surgery itself was virtually painless. I was not a good candidate for lasik so I received PRK. Right now as I type this I can't see the screen. My vision will be blurry like this and progressively clear. I have a few...
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    Hey Birdy

    Alice Springs just made local news here. Seems there are idiots everywhere. They said an Alice Springs man was arrested for seatbelting his case of beer in the passenger seat. Which normally would not be a problem other than he forced his child to sit on the floor. Just thought this was a funny...
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    Hey Rob Dubin

    Rob, I thought I saw a red Zenon flying in Tampa today. I was driving up US 301 and I looked up and there it was heading North towards Vandenberg airport. Was it you? You have the only red one I know of. Just curious not everyday you see a gyro flying around Tampa.
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    Norm's site back up?

    I happened to accidently type in today and Norm's site came up. I tried to log into the conference however, I don't remember my username or password. Just thoght this was interesting. Maybe some here can try to log in and see if it still works.
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    I found this on You Tube

    I don't know who this is but, if this was a testflight as labeled then this guy is a nut.Check it out for yourself. I thought Ron and Birdy were crazy this guy makes them look tame.
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    Happy Birth Day

    Wanted to wish Tim Chick a very happy 45th birthday. Happy birthday buddy.
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    SuperFly Crashes

    I was surfing you tube and came across this video. I didn't know it had been crashed anyone know anything?