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  1. magknight

    Rotax 912/914 oil temp sensor placement / readings

    Autogyro installs an oil sensor in the oil tank as the main sensor for the temp gauge, the uses the oil pump sensor for a warning light. I’ve recently installed an AVMap Engibox which gives more specific readings over the old analog gauge (now I can’t stop looking at it! ). My question is, does...
  2. magknight

    Cabin Hop - GyroTech Blaeds

    This question is to all of you rotor balance geniuses. We need some additional brain power to think through an issue. We installed new rotor blades (GyroTech) on the Cavalon today. They were dynamically and statically balanced at the factory with the teeter towers included. We installed the...
  3. magknight

    Gyro Flying Best Practices Symposium with Phil Harwood- Lakeland, FL January 2018

    AutoGyro USA in conjunction with the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training will be holding an event at the Lakeland, FL airport, January 2018 to promote Gyroplane Flying that is safe, fun and free from accidents. Phil Harwood himself will be the lead speaker. While the CFI...
  4. magknight

    Phil Harwood - Gyroplane Best Practice Symposium Events - Florida January 2018

    AutoGyro is bringing Phil Harwood (you probably know him from his Top Gear style gyro videos) to the US for a symposium on gyro flying best practices. With the number of incidents that we've seen in the US recently, I think the timing is right for us all to look more closely at our flying and...
  5. magknight

    Cabrio Top for the Calidus

    AutoGyro is now making a cabrio kit for the Calidus. Interesting option. I know others have made something like this aftermarket, but think AutoGyro has embraced the idea. This picture is from the Autogyro-Owner forum which doesn’t show the rear screen, but I’ve seen one with both front and back.
  6. magknight

    Photo's Flipped?

    I've experienced a couple of times when I've attempted to upload photos where the system flips them upsidedown. It seems to only be on photos where the horizon doesnt have a clear contrast (in otherwords, a computer could mistake the ground for a dark sky). Is there a setting turned on to auto...
  7. magknight

    Tapatalk and the new forum

    Has anyone had success using Tapatalk with the new forum? I get an error (code - 2209). The feed does show up after the error, but only shows old post (pre-upgrade).
  8. magknight

    AutoGyro Tuning Tips

    There's been a few comments recently on well tuned / poorly tuned gyros around. I'd like to start this thread as a spot to add tips or common issues in gyro setup. I know there are a lot of gyro types out there with their own specifics, I've mostly owned and flown ArrowCopter, AutoGyro, and...
  9. magknight

    New Cavalon Blades

    Has anyone flown the new Cavalon rotor blades (blue tip)? If so any feedback? Faster, smoother, heavier, etc?
  10. magknight

    FAA Rotorcraft Gyroplane vs Helicopter Regulations

    Folks, does anyone have a side by side comparison / breakdown of FAA Rotorcraft rules and regulations relating to helicopters vs gyroplanes? There are several regs that are rotorcraft generic and would apply to both, but some call out helicopters specifically. I was thinking of compiling one...
  11. magknight

    Cabri G2

    Had a chance to fly a Cabri G2 today. What a great aircraft. Smooth, stable, easy autos, very well built. If this doesn't change the helicopter training market I can't imagine what will. I'm confident that R22's and 300CB's will be replaced with G2's.
  12. magknight

    Rotax 912/914 Mandatory Service Bulletin

    Rotax has released a Mandatory Bulletin requiring exchange of the carburetor floats on certain Rotax 912/914 series engines and carbs. All 912/914 Carburetor floats in the ranges of applicability described in this bulletin must be replaced by new "marked" replacement floats, which will be...
  13. magknight

    Rotax 912/914 Mandatory Service Bulletin

    Not sure if this has been discussed already (don't remember seeing a thread), but wanted to make sure that you fellow Rotax 912/914 owners have seen the mandatory SB SB-912-066UL / SB-914-047UL. Due by March 31st or within 25 hours of operation from the date of the bulletin. Basically has to...
  14. magknight

    Arrowcopter Pro Series

    DCS out of Germany has developed a very sophisticated integration with the Arrowcopter Pro. Check out their latest video.
  15. magknight

    Arrowcopter USA Updates

    I wanted to give a couple of updates. The current US demo Arrowcopter (Cladius') is now on its way back to the factory for updates. It'll get a 914, new avionics, and a few updates / improvements on the current AC20. This unit will be back in a couple of months. I'm currently at the factory...
  16. magknight

    Aircraft Trailer

    While researching aircraft trailers (for towing aircraft), I ran across a true aircraft trailer. Now we can pack up all of the camping gear and head out! :) Have a look.
  17. magknight

    Giro Africa

    Great gyro adventure through Africa. Very cool! I'm jealous.
  18. magknight

    Ruggedized Gyro?

    Here's an interesting design for those rough terrain needs. Not sure it'll fly, if it did, not sure I'd want to sit in those seats!
  19. magknight

    Custom Gyro Trailers

    I'm finalizing the build plans for an enclosed trailer and was curious what others have done. Would you all that trailer your gyros share some pictures (enclosed or not)? Our trailer will be a beast, 10' interior height and raised floor to accommodate the ArrowCopters wide gear (8' wide). This...
  20. magknight

    Huge Saving on All Euro Gyros!!

    Labor Day sale on all European Gyros!! Ok, well sort of. If you've ever considered buying a European gyro (I'd suggest ArrowCopter of course!) now is the time. The Euro drop today equals several thousand US dollars in savings. Only catch is that you'll want to pay for it all up front. If anyone...