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  1. wnwgj

    Flying with Aerosport in the Western Cape, South Africa

    Just finished 14 hours of flying over 4 days with Louis van Wyk at his Aerosport flying school at Fisantekraal near Cape Town . A tour of the Cape, Cape Town from the air and some wonderful hospitality combined with some enjoyable and testing flying. 50 feet along the...
  2. wnwgj

    Visiting Canberra, Australia 17 Dec 16 to 5 Jan 17

    Hi All My wife has twisted my arm to go to Canberra, Australia this Christmas and New Year and I wondered if anybody know of any gyro pilots or flying operations in the vicinity?
  3. wnwgj

    And finally I have a UK PPL(G)

    I'm only telling you lot because you will understand (my wife doesn't!). But after 3 years and 3 months of training and practice, one written off MT-03, one purchased M16C, and some very patient instructors, I am finally the proud possessor of a UK PPL(G).:whoo::party:
  4. wnwgj

    Why buy a Magni?

    I thought that perhaps you might be interested in the latest bumph from Magni which I think gives a nice clear set of reasons as to why somebody might want to buy one. I ordered an M16 off the back of this (& some quite extensive research into the alternatives!). It is too big to upload as a...