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    Sport Copter Vortex 582.

    25k for a 582 wow. For that price should have a 912
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    What to do

    Just wondering what are all you Dominators owners are going to do now that RFD is no longer making parts.
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    Ultrawhite Dominator 582

    Really want to get rid of it. Lowered the price to 10k. I probably have that just alone in the engine blades.
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    Ultrawhite Dominator 582

    I have a beautiful Dominator for sale. Has 90 hours on engine and airframe. 25' sportcopters blades with less than 5 hours on them. Very fun and safe machine. Please call or text me if u want more info. 10,000 651-797-9323
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    582 Dominator

    I have a nice Dominator for sale. 190 hours with about 25 hours on the 24' Dragon wing blades. It came with 23' but sold them and bought the 24'. It flies very nice. It's a solid machine. Very powerful hydraulic pre rototor I'm not on the forum much so please call or text. Asking 10,500...
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    Cool gyro

    I was over at my friends house and looking at some old gyro pics. Found this don't know anything about it but
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    Ok thanks for the info
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    Where is the compay now?
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    For Sale Peg - Dominator Superwhite

    Where's it going
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    Sport copter blades on Dominator

    Has anyone ever used sport copter blades on their Dominator. Do you have to do anything special?
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    Afco coil over spring shocks

    Has anybody replaced their standard Dominator air shocks with the Afco coil shocks. I tried looking it up and man a lot of info. How do you know what to order. Thanks
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    Hydraulic pre rotor hose

    Has anyone ever had to change hydraulic hose on there pre rotator. I have a slit on my hose and it's leaking fliud. What' the best way?
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    Rotor Blades

    Looking for 24' or 25' Dragon wings
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    Air command pod

    I'm looking at buying a air command with a nose pod. I tried sitiing in it and it was A little tight. My knees almost hit the dash. Can you move the nose pod forward a few inches or do tall pilots fly like this and really don't have a issue with it.
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    Looking for a Dominator

    Looking for a Dominator with a 582. Preferably around the Midwest
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    For sale

    Sent you a email
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    For sale

    Sent you a email
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    Mz 202

    I was wondering does the MZ 202 really kick out as much hp as the 582. Any big issues with it.