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  1. Rick E

    Control / Cyclic stick plastic grip.

    I’m looking for a couple of the Autogyro style plastic grips. Autogyro will only sell them as a complete unit with wiring and control stick. All I want is the plastic grips themselves. Any ideas?
  2. Rick E

    Rotor balance

    Just wondering if there is a generic cause for side to side stick shake of the cyclic, as opposed to fore and aft stick shake?
  3. Rick E

    Rotax electric fuel pump

    There are currently no Rotax electric fuel pumps to suit a 914 available in Australia. Could someone advise if there is a similar problem in the US. If not, would it be possible to buy one through one of your Rotax distributors?
  4. Rick E

    Rotax big bore kit

    Just wondering if anyone has had any experience with the Edge Performance 140hp big bore kit for a Rotax 914?
  5. Rick E

    Rotax rectifier / regulator.

    Could anyone advise the normal fluctuation range of voltage on a 914 Rotax. My MTO fluctuates between 13.8 volts and 13 volts during flight.
  6. Rick E

    Gyroperfo 914 upgrade

    Just wondering if anyone has had experience with this product?
  7. Rick E

    Hub bar nuts

    We have conflicting information here as to the torque pressure for hub bar nuts on the Auto Gyro product, Some say 15nm and others say 25nm. Can someone confirm the pressure used in the USA?
  8. Rick E

    Cavalon Ring Gear

    A friend of mine has a Cavalon with very low hours and discovered today that the teeth on the pre rotator ring gear are all bent with four of the teeth completely flat. The bendix still appears to be okay but can’t imagine how much longer it will last. Would anyone know how this could have...
  9. Rick E

    Around Oz by gyro

    Three of us and our wives recently flew around Australia following the coastline as much as possible. There was two Cavalons and an M24 on the trip without ground support. We replaced a regulator and a pneumatic seal on one of the Cavalons but apart from that had no other trouble, not even a...
  10. Rick E

    Cavalon wheel brakes

    The brakes on my Cavalon have become soft over time and I would like to bleed the system to hopefully get better braking. The brake pads are fine, just a "spongy" brake lever. Has anyone bled the brakes on a Cavalon or any Autogyro product as they don't appear to have a conventional brake "nipple".
  11. Rick E

    Rotor clearance standards

    In Australia we have recently amended one of our rotor clearance standards from " must remain clear" of prop to an actual given measurement of 2" or 50mm when the stick and rotor head is in the fully aft position with static blades. I was wondering if the USA has a similar standard and if not...
  12. Rick E

    Mto hub bar

    One of my friends has an older Mto Sport using Rotor system one with around 700 hours. A while back he had a fairly hard landing which slightly bent the engine mounts and also caused his prop to strike the tail boom. All has been successfully repaired but he has recently noticed that his rotor...
  13. Rick E

    Fuel consumption

    A group of us have done a few X Country trips lately in a mixture of different gyros and found it interesting that the Cavalon is about 10-15% more economical than the M24. On our last trip there was three Cavalons and two M24's and the fuel consumption difference was consistent with all...
  14. Rick E

    Fuel line check valves

    Is anyone aware of the reason that there are no check valves on "Autogyro" fuel lines as it seems to be standard equipment on opposition brand gyro's and recommended by Rotax??
  15. Rick E

    Flycom adapter

    I am about to start training a guy in a Titanium gyro and it is set up for a flycom helmet. I was hoping to train him using my Mto Sport helmet and require an adapter to be able to plug into the Flycom socket. Is anyone aware of such an adapter being available?
  16. Rick E

    New MTO

    Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on the new MTO??? We are yet to see one here in Australia.
  17. Rick E

    IVO prop

    Just wondering if anyone has ever done a comparison thrust test with IVO inflight adjustable props and other fixed pitch props? I am finding my IVO prop not quite as good as the old fixed pitch for getting airborne. Once airborne and pitch set though it goes extremely well.
  18. Rick E

    Cavalon issue?

    A fellow cavalon pilot had an incident a couple of days ago and are looking at possible causes and solutions to the problem. On a fairly normal day with a light breeze the pilot prerotated normally but on takeoff experienced great difficulty in getting airborne, engine revs were normal for...
  19. Rick E

    MTO helmets

    Just wondering if there are any other helmet options available in the US other than the standard Autogyro helmets for Mto Sports that are compatible with the standard Mto comms?
  20. Rick E

    Hand spinning a Cavalon

    One of the pilots I am traveling with suffered a prerotator failure on his Cavalon today which forced us to hand spin. It turned out being a terrific lesson in patience and rotor management.