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    Build thread on the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Gyro Technic Inc now kindly been given its own place in the Builders Forum by Mike and this will be a build thread on the new model that Denis has been receiving a lot of queries about. His GT-VX1 is a superbly engineered kit that he has developed in over ten years of building and flying his...
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    GT-VX1 and now the GT-VX2 Explorer.

    Denis Schoemaker the man behind Gyro Technic Inc is already familiar to many Form members who were at Mentone or who have been reading about his various activities from over ten years ago when he built his first Gyro. He has built over 11 gyros and finally decided to go into the business. His...
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    Addicted to gyros.

    Having been brought up in an aviation environment as a child, it was fairly inevitable as a career. Been there done that. Sampling the different characteristics of the various flying machines a lifelong itch. Have happily added two more gyro types experienced this month. Greg Spicola, an old...
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    Not often you can make like a gyro in 727.

    Love flying the single seat gyro, so much freedom...and low flying out in the sticks. Did a little cargo flying into Angola when it was a hot zone, just seen this and it certainly bought back memories of flying in Africa in the 72, and the approaches one made to avoid being shot at. You can...
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    Streamlining for tubes?

    Seem to remember a discussion of the drag incurred by tubes being reduced by streamlining them, and someone in fact doing just that. On a single seat with a lot of tubular framework is it cost effective/worth fairing them?
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    Best Practice/Amateur Build Logs for 51% Experimental.

    I feel that enough time time has passed since my son and I built our gyro, and now, for there to have been substantial progress in Logging and Documenting 51% build of kits. There are now quite sophisticated gyro’s being built in the US as kits, and there must be some established methods to have...
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    New Video on ‘The Dream That Died’.

    We have seen a number on the Forum before but this new one is pretty good. I saw this demonstrated at Farnborough as a child and never forgot it. The bonus at the end for me, with over three thousand hours on DC3’s it ended with a favourite of mine. :)
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    Using a Rotax 912 on a single seat gyro, Pos...Cons?

    There are a few single seat gyros that have used the bigger Rotax 912 engine. I have only seen two and heard of another. Roy Davis’s single seat hot rod is a very small compact machine with a 912 that he does his amazing demo’s on. It’s rate and angle of climb quite amazing, but then Roy is an...
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    Gyro Technic GT VX1

    About time this gyro kit appeared here. The GTVX1 is a new kit on the market. It is an evolutionary development that has improved upon and modified previous designs while retaining the complete simplicity of a barebones single seat gyro. Dennis built his first gyro over ten years ago, his build...
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    Interesting new ‘Chinese’ development.

    There have been members who were interested in this sort of thing??
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    A new AAIB report.

    This report was on the tragic 'Shoreham ‘Hunter' Air Display’ accident. It is indicative of recent accident report format.
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    Mini EFIS for gyros

    As we get more capable gyros that are being used for x-country flight, and that includes some of the newer single seat gyros, it would be interesting to hear views on some of the ultralight glass cockpit systems out there. Single seaters tend to be fun machines for the local area however with...
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    Bespoke gyro anyone?

    Just received an invitation to a lecture at the Royal Aeronautical Society, I have attended interesting ones in the past and saw Wing Commander Wallace’s very last lecture there before he died. Might pop along, though a little out of my price range I have no doubt. 'Bespoke' to me goes along...
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    Proposed Single Seat Gyro PPL Syllabus

    Purely as a subject that might be of interest to Forum members, there was a possibility a little while ago of not being able to obtain a PPL(G) in the UK unless the training was entirely carried out in a factory built two seat Gyro. Efforts were successfully made to retain a single seat part of...
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    Flies a bit like a gyro.
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    From rockets to surf boards to...Gyros?

    A new material has hit the surfing market. A foam that was developed for Rockets that is now making a big hit with surfers and could be a great material for gyro tails. Covered foam cores have been used for Gyro tails, my son and I used one for our Hornet. I was concerned about it’s strength...
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    UK CAA sect 44 for Gyroplane Licensing.

    For informational purpouses. Members of the British Rotorcraft Association have been made aware of possible changes to the current uk CAA Sect 44 which covers the present privileges and requirements for the PPL(G), the licence to fly gyroplanes in the UK. Sect 44 also details the ratings for...
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    Where can I get one?

    Came across this. Looks great. Seen that sort of tail set-up on one of Chucks old designs, still flying I believe.
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    Some time ago I posted a clip of a guy landing on steep hilltops in his Highlander. Seems he has a new toy. And he is still pulling off some pretty amazing landings. It's not a gyro but its still pretty impressive.
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    Florida tragedy

    Just seen this come in. Looks bad.