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    Yamaha 2008 Vector Engine package - 120 hp - FOR SALE

    2008 Yamaha Vector Engine Package - 973cc 3-cylinder Carburetor version includes engine, wire harness, instrument cluster, ECU, coil packs, airbox, oil tank, everything you see in the pictures. Low miles 5k --- $1800 cash - originally purchased from Travis @ Barn of Parts --- no trades or swaps...
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    Rotorway Scoripon One Helicopter

    Does any one ever run across these anymore ... would like to find an unwrecked frame and fiberglass full body along with other parts for static display ... engine not necessary but blades and drive system would be nice.
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    Bandit Gyrocopter There is a Bandit Gyrocopter listed on Craigslist in Redding California ... have tried emailing, texting, calling (get message that user is not accepting calls at this time) ... does anyone possibility know who this person is? Ad says name is...
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    Air Command Side by Side Dual Stick assembly

    SOLD ---Air Command Side by Side Dual Stick assembly -- cleaning out the hangar - $125 plus cost of shipping - PM if interested
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    Bandit Ultralight

    Looking for a Bandit Ultralight/Single place basic frame .... complete if possible ... with mast and tail feathers. It doesn't need engine, rotor head or blades. If the wheels and tires are gone that's fine. PM with details. Thanks!
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    Air Command Gyro

    -------SOLD-----------Air Command single place gyro with 23' Mccutchen blades, Rotax 583 engine (single Nipondenso electronic ignition & RAVE valve - Rotax Adjustable Variable Exhaust), 60" 3-blade Warp drive prop, aux. tanks, 68" wheels base, long tail, 125hrs on the Hobbs, nice and clean, has...
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    Compact Radial RZ-2 Gearbox

    Does anyone have a dimension drawing of the mounting/bolt layout pattern of the Compact Radial RZ-2 gearbox? I've talked with Leon twice on the phone ... he said to send him an email which I've done 4 times with no response -- guess he really doesn't want to sell gearboxes. I've been working...
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    Bandit Gyro Single Place Owners

    Looking for Bandit Gyro single place owner that I can talk with about the Bandit. Thanks for any response.
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    Bandit Single or Ultralight

    Is anyone flying on of these models - Bandit Single place or Ultralight? I would like to get some measurements of the frame if possible - I think the frame for both models is the same. Thanks for any help.
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    1984 AC 447 Commander

    Looking for complete assembly documents and parts listing for a 1984 447 Commander "Low Boy" ... any and all documents available on this model. Thanks
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    Compact Radial Engines RZ-2 gearbox with cetrifugal clutch

    Has anyone used this gearbox on an engine conversion instead of the Rotax or Autoflight gearboxes? Would like to know of any problems anyone has experienced or good things. Thanks
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    Rotax C-Gearbox discontinued

    I called Air-Tech about getting a C-Gearbox w/ 3.0to1 gears - they said Rotax has discontinued the C-Gearbox and there are limited quantities ... anyone else hear anything?
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    JT-5 rotorhead

    Machined parts to build/assemble a Jukka Tervamaki JT-5 rotorhead includes bearings. I have 2 bendix drives that I'll include (correct part per plans but needs some machining) and I have brake shoes for making rotor brake assembly included. see pictures $1000 - PM if interested
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    Mini-500 parts

    TRGB w/ slider - $1400, Tail boom drive shaft assembly and cable - $225, misc. parts in picture contact for prices -- not shown is the main frame w/ frame to skid tubes - $400, skids - $250, complete fiberglass assembly w/ metal window trim - $500, plexiglass - $100 (good for pattern or might...
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    Rotor blades - junk - non-flyable

    Was contacted by a non-aviation type looking for a set of non-flyable rotor blades with hub bar for a static display. They could be short - 18'-21' with hub bar - just not bent or twisted up - needs to looking like they could fly. They will be mounted so they can pivot up and down. This guy is...
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    Is the company that made these engines out of business? Can't seem to get to their WEB site.
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    Ora Cook

    Is Ora Cook still around and if so does anyone know how to reach him? I am trying to get in touch with a mutual friend, Dick Turner who designed the StarFlight line of ultralights and Ora was a good friend of his. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Tervamaki JT-5B

    I have some questions on this design: 1. Is the JT-5B considered CLT ? 2. The plans show using a VW 70-80hp - never read of anyone on the forum using a VW engine on gyros - bad option ? 3. Design uses the special rotorhead - what would be the problem using standard type rotorhead on most...
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    Sport Copter around the Kansas City area

    Are there any Sport Copter Lightning, Vortex or M912 in or around the Kansas City area or maybe a not to far drive away -- I would like to look at one up close. Thanks
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    Nubush - how to make

    Does anyone have a drawing or process on how to make a nubush? Thanks