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    Enclosed Gyro trailer for sale

    Uploaded more pictures, price dropped to $2900.
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    Enclosed Gyro trailer for sale

    Up for sale is my large custom enclosed trailer built for gyro's. The body is 18ft long and over 22ft at the hitch. 8ft wide, 10 ft interior height and springs are softened for aircraft transport. This trailer is like Ernie Boyette's, just a few feet shorter. It is nice not having to worry about...
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    Loaded Dominator for sale.

    My buyer says he is unable to get training in his area. Gyro still available.
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    4 point harness with retractor. (at B-days)

    Nice 4 point harness with manual shoulder retraction. Let's you move more freely. Has mast mount included. Never installed on gyro. $100. O.B.O. 90four-fiveo1-seven3o3
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    Air Command wheel pants (B-Days)

    SOLD.... Never used wheel pants. $75.00 O.B.O. Will have at Bensen Days. 9ofour-fiveo1-seven3o3
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    Loaded Dominator for sale.

    Back on the market! Buyer not able to line up training.
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    Loaded Dominator for sale.

    I am selling my single place Dominator N3845V. I have a 2 place also and just need to thin the herd (and the wife likes to ride, so.... :) This Dominator is equipped with a true 100 h.p. Subaru EA-81, twin Mikuni's, Neil Hintz AutoFlight redrive, mounted Vertex 220 radio with hard mounted...
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    Macon rag talks to Steve M

    How cool can you be?? 007?? :) Nice write-up. Not the normal panic sh**.
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    The mystery over the missing Malaysian jetliner

    The "Gimli Glider" possibility crossed my mind. They ran out of fuel on a 767 and made a sucessful landing on an old airfield/drag strip. The emergency generator prop deployed for them, if it failed to deploy you would have an unpowered glide for 30+ miles and a ditch. May lose hydraulics...
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    Neat Tandem for sale!

    Also note tail replaced and no rotor blades.....!
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    Neat Tandem for sale!

    Look down in the registration and you will see it as a JE-2 that was listed as destroyed to the FAA in 2001.
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    Happy Birthday Jon Carleton!

    Happy B-Day Jon!!!!!!! Hope all is well. DH
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    Our military might

    This looks similar to the drone we let drop into Iran's hands about 2 years back......WTF! At my airport in St Aug. they have been mastering the drone refueling using an older Lear jet with 2 pilots behind the controls for back-up while the jet's automated systems practices with a KC-135 offshore.
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    Cold, wet and miserable

    Hey Chuck, Tell them about the 90 degree F prediction for this weekend in WAUCHULA. It is about to get back to Fl temps here!!!!!
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    DiNelly Unveiled

    Bensen Days 2014, Be There! Loved your ad in E.A.A. magazine Sport Aviation.
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    Happy Birthday Jim Toevs!

    I got you a gift certificate for another Hungarian massage at B-Days!! Enjoy! (Sorry, we are all out of sheep) :o
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    Aluminium cheek plates

    Salt water is a BITCH!!!:rant:
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    Punkin is for sale!

    I hate to see this listed! Larry, you will be missed!!!!! Good luck on the new digs. Great gyro for those looking!
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    Home in Wauchula

    Congrats on the new home Bud and Rhonda!!!!!!!!!!
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    USA locatating

    Actually, I think Mary is seeing if the baby is kicking........:)