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    Don Parham retiring

    I am retiring from the Subaru harness modifications but will still act as a consultant for Subaru engine problems. Mary and I have recently moved into a senior retirement center so our address and phone numbers have changed. I have been in contact with Small Car which does harnesses and they...
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    RAF EA82 engine, drive, & prop

    EA82 engine and redrive and Prince P-tip prop. Engine and redrive: $3500, Prop: $750. I am listing these items for Bev Carnes, Neal Carnes widow. Bev's home number is 260.748.4496 and her cell: 260.710.1124. If you need to talk to me on details of the engine my home number is: 918.823.4610...
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    Jerrie Barnett Passes Away

    I posted that Jerrie died last week but apparently it was last month and I missed the thread. Paul Plack emailed me to let me know.
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    Raf 2000

    '04 RAF 2000- Registered as ELSA gyro. 125 hours TT Airframe. Low mileage EJ25, Latest rev rotor blades, stabilator, Dalcom 760 in-panel comm transceiver, nav and strobe lights. Based in Albuquerque, NM. $35,000. New enclosed trailer for the gyro-$4500. Call Roger after 3:00 PM Mountain...
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    EA82 Engine/Redrive Package for Sale

    '91 EA82 engine with factory EFI system, RFI redrive, and Ivo Magum prop. Complete package $3800 or sell engine, drive and prop separately. Call me for details. (918) 490-0164 or (918) 823-4610. I am advertising this engine package for a customer's widow.
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    EA82 Engine, Redrive & Prop

    !991 EA82 engine from Subaru Loyale auto with RFI reduction drive and 2-blade Ivo magnum prop. I am posting this ad for the widow of one of my customers. The engine package is mounted on a not yet completed fixed wing aircraft. 90 hp Ea82 engine with throttle body fuel injection. Harness...
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    '99 RAF 2000 gyro

    RAF 2000 gyro with '00 EJ25 engine; 70 inch diameter, 4-blade Warp Drive prop; Total time airframe approx. 300 hours, engine approx. 100 hours; latest version RAF rotor blades, new windshield and doors. New two tone paint. Priced for quick sale - $17K (includes open trailer for transoprting)...
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    RF140 gyro

    Single seat RF140 partially enclosed (similar to Sportcopter configuration). EJ22 engine with RFI redrive, 68 inch Warp Drive prop. Tall tail with RFI horizontal stab (with tip fins). Two sets of Rotor Hawk blades. $12,500 OBO. This ship belongs to a friend in Albuquerque. It is low time...
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    Ross Aero Redrive

    I am posting this ad for a customer of mine.  He has a brand new (still in the box) 2.17:1 ratio Ross Aero redrive for an EJ22 or EJ25.  Asking $1500 OBO.  Call Gary Bartczak at 218- 894-2621 anytime days or evenings.