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  1. DaveJaksha

    Lithium battery power tool

    Hey guys. Just had an adventure. I am a big proponent of cordless power tools. I have many Ryobi 18V tools and have been very pleased with their performance. I purchased a new 6 Ah pack from Amazon. I had received this battery pack about 2 days after I ordered it. The battery test button...
  2. DaveJaksha

    Warodrive hub service bulletin

    I don’t know if this service bulletin applies to any of you guys flyiing warp drive props. This was announced at our EAA Chap81 meeting this morning. It has to do with the hubs used on Continental and Lycombing engines. Here is a link to the service bulletin...
  3. DaveJaksha

    HEMS Weather Tool

    Hey, guys. I received an email from the FAA wings program about a seminar on the web (webinars) concerning the use of a web page called HEMS Weather Tool. It is designed for aircraft that typically fly below 5000’. Sounds like it was made for gyros! Here is a link to the webinar signup...
  4. DaveJaksha

    Muffler help

    Hey, guys. I am thinking about mufflers for my Yamaha genesis 3 cyl project. After looking around at other projects, I was thinking the solution shown in the picture below would be a nice clean installation. This is the muffler used on the Tangogyro. I talked to the guys at Tango, but they...
  5. DaveJaksha

    Thermostat housing orientation ?

    Hey all you overheated guys! I am working on the cooling system plumbing on my Yamaha 3 cyl genesis. I am trying to fit various pieces together using the original hoses and started wondering if maybe I could use different hoses I could fit things better to the current installation. ​​​​Is the...
  6. DaveJaksha

    fuel line orifice

    Ok, time to ask the big brain....I am installing the fuel lines for my FI engine. I need to install a small orifice ( 0.015") between the fuel pump outlet and the return line from the pressure regulator. This is to allow any air that gets into the system to return to the tank and bypass going...
  7. DaveJaksha

    Yamaha motor mounts

    Hi, everyone. Trying to get moving on the installation of my Yamaha 3 cyl into my Sportcopter Vortex. The source for the engine mount has fallen through so I am looking around for some help. I am short on fabrication facilities so I am hoping either someone can help fabricate, or maybe someone...
  8. DaveJaksha

    Contactors, and stuff

    Working towards getting the Yamaha 3 cly installed in my Sportcopter Vortex, and started thinking.....Looking over the stock Sportcpoter, the electrical system consist of a Master switch that turns power on/off to instruments and various lights, and a starting contactor for engine cranking...
  9. DaveJaksha

    Fix the forum please!

    Administrators please enable modifications to the forum Wish we could make the text larger!! Also, wish the post were ordered oldest at top, and newest at the bottom. The help tab explains how to do this but none of it works...frustrating. Dave
  10. DaveJaksha

    Canadian requirements for gyro license

    Hi, everyone. I have a friend that is from Canada and is getting interested in gyros. Can anyone fill us in on what he would need to get licensed to fly a gyro in Canada. Do they have anything equivalent to a sport pilot license in Canada? Ultralight? Thanks for any input. Dave
  11. DaveJaksha

    As seen from above

    Its been a long time since I have flowen ( around 20 years) and some would call me a rusty pilot. I think of myself more as a corroded pilot. Anyway, I have just finished taking Tim O Conners Gyroplane ground school. I thought it would be a great review to bring my knowledge into the 21st...
  12. DaveJaksha

    EAA experimenter

    This months issue of the the EAA Magazine (October) has a favorable article on gyroplanes. Its in the experimenter section. Dave
  13. DaveJaksha

    Complete Rotax 582, E box for sale

    SOLD! Hi, all. I am in the process of installing a new engine in my Sportcopter Vortex. I have removed the Rotax 582. I was originally planning on sending this off to Rotax Rick to upgraded to a Rotax 670, but after much consideration and talking with other fellows on the forum, I am going a...
  14. DaveJaksha

    Rotax c box

    Looking for a low time Rotax C box, 3:1 ratio. Thanks everyone. I found one!
  15. DaveJaksha

    Looking for contacts

    Seems these three gents have built gyros powered by Yamaha 130 FI engines? I would like to speak to them about their installations. I don't know their user names. Maybe someone could tell me their username or they could contact me directly. Greg Edmondson, Eric Larson, Mike Vadney Thanks...
  16. DaveJaksha

    Yamaha 3 cylinder 130FI engine

    Hi, all. I have purchased a Yamaha 3 cylinder 130FI engine to use in my gyro. I would like to use an aftermarket ECU and EFI controller so I can have a reliable system that won't unexpectedly shut down on me. I am currently looking at the Microsquirt system. It looks very capable, but I...
  17. DaveJaksha

    Fuel air ratio meter

    I have been studying the care and feeding of 2 strokes, specifically the 582. Especially the precautions needed to prevent the overheating of Pistons because of mixture leaning. Besides keeping a close eye on EGT, why does no one use a Air fuel mixture meter? Don't they work with 2 cycle...
  18. DaveJaksha

    Advice on Sparrowhawk basket case

    Hey, guys. I have come across a Sparrowhawk that was involved In a roll over during a hard landing. Both the pilot and passenger survived with minor injuries. The rotor is of course trashed. The mast is bent. The engine was turning fast, and the three blade prop has all three blades broken...
  19. DaveJaksha

    Canard ??

    Hi, All. I was looking at used gyros over at barnstormers, and there is a single place gyro for sale that has both vertical and horizontal stabilizers in the back. But in the front, is a horizontal "wing" that looks like a canard? Anyone that can in lighten me on this? Never seen it before...
  20. DaveJaksha

    Howdy all.

    Hi, Everybody. Name is Dave and am just starting to consider getting into gyroplanes. I have my private pilots license, built a LongEze many years ago, but have not been flying for about 25 years. Anyway, I have been really interested in the Sparrowhawk lll. I have sent a couple of emails...