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  1. meglin

    Selling spring landing gear

    Selling spring landing gear The material - fiberglass. spring weight - 10-11 kg. Aircraft weight - 450-550 kg. Price - 515 €.
  2. meglin

    Wheel fairings

    Wheel pants $60-100
  3. meglin

    Selling seats fiberglass sandwich

    Selling places fiberglass sandwich. Weight - 1.9 kg. Dimensions seat height 650 mm, width 470 mm, depth 470 mm. It is used on planes, trikes, gyroplanes. When damage does not form sharp cutting edges.
  4. meglin

    Selling 3-bladed carbon fiber propeller right rotation

    Selling 3-bladed carbon fiber propeller right rotation. The diameter of 1700 mm (67"). Price $ 660. Spinner $ 110 fiberglass and carbon fiber spinner of $ 190. Everything is new.
  5. meglin

    Hello everybody from Ukraine!

    Hello everybody from Ukraine! The main aircraft designer X-32 and X-34. The publisher of the journal "Wings. News of light aircraft." Publisher "Catalog of light aircraft in Russia and Ukraine." I have over 20 years of his life to this plane: